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Is Islam true?
By:Dr Abu Sayeed
Date: Wednesday, 7 April 2010, 2:15 pm

I have been following some futile arguments on Islam between two groups with very firm conviction.

One group believes: Islam is a true deen.
The other group believes: Islam is not true.

This is their belief or conviction.

I can not be neutral.
I belong to the first group.

I have observed that the 'Iman'/faith of the a group(that there is no Allah, Mohammad is not our prophet and Islam is not true) is very strong. The basis of their firm belief is not known.

I feel, this argument is futile.
If they don't want to understand, whatever argument we place, they will not believe.

This is nothing new.

From the time of the first prophet, there have been people who did not believe in the phenomenon of these prophet hood.
So, we don't need to worry about this.
It is not our failure not to be able to convince these people to accept the truth.
If that was the criteria of success then most of the prophets had failed in their mission.
But we know, the prophets had done their duties of conveying the true messages to the people. And all prophets were successful.

It is our duty to convey the messages to the people.
It is not our duty to make them accept that.
But we need to maintain our decency.

May be a day will come when these people will be rational and accept the truth.
Then they will repent for their misdeeds.
Allah may forgive all of us.

Dr Abu Sayeed