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Re: Polygamous Marriages
Date: Wednesday, 7 April 2010, 7:27 am
In Response To: Re: Polygamous Marriages (Dr Shabbir)

Salam again,

[Capitals mine with due apologies. SA]
And A. is mine :)
You wrote: Yes, indeed separation is a must! And the compensation is to bear her burden till she decides to move on. ARE YOU REFERRING TO MULTIPLE WIVES OF A MAN?

A. I think we were talking about all those marriages which are not allowed in Islam. About compensation, I think that would look too harsh on man alone as women are equally resposible for their actions but since it supposedly happened in that era of jahalat where men gets to decide most of the time, he should be kind enough to support her also the woman who wrongfully came in the marraige should not stay for long after knowing what she did was wrong.
But I guess here we differ in our understanding as I have understood multiple marriages were never allowed in Quran. It was the way those ayats were translated that made it look like that way. So not allowed with one kind is the same as not allowed with other kind. We don’t have the right to say which haram would be better than other when all are haram.

That brings more questions in mind.
What are those women, who are married to same husband, to each other according to Quran?
And what are women in Islam to each other?


Just curious to know, will she be willing to stay with the man knowing what she has done is against Allah SWT Will and against His laws. IF IT HAS BEEN A MARRIAGE AMONG THE FORBIDDEN RELATIVES (MAHRAMS), AREN'T BOTH AWARE OF THE WRONGDOING BEFOREHAND?

A. Mahrems?? If they clearly knew what mehram non-mehram was would that be considered in Jahelia and hence allowable?
Or dear brother are you saying when Allah SWT says one can’t keep two sisters in marriage, it means sister in blood only? Well again then dear perhaps there is a difference of understanding of the verses among us. We need to clear that up first. I asked you earlier, leaving the brackets aside, please show me where Allah SWT has allowed for more than one marriage even in the time of wars as commonly implied.

Another thing what if it was to a woman who was married to a man from another section (declared by section of this man a non-muslim, when actually he cannot be!) and marries this man with another wife without a divorce. I myself have read that so called fatwa of one section molvi that as such marriage becomes null and void automatically as per Quran so she is free to marry anyone she likes to.


Should she keep on living with her so called husband? IN WHAT SITUATION?

A. Again according to my understanding all those situations that should not have been there in the first place according to Allah SWT’s order!


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