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Mullahism & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
By:Faisal Iftikhar
Date: Wednesday, 7 April 2010, 4:33 am

As far as I have analytically and critically studied present Islam, I must say that Mullahism has all those components of illusions, delusions and compulsions which can lead normal people to a personality disorder known as "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder". Some elements of OCD are extraordinary fears, intrusive thoughts and unnecessary compulsions. The victims of OCD are likely to be kids or adults with below-average IQ, especially kids, since they lack the mental capacity to differentiate the rational from irrational and are more susceptible to adopt based on environments and behaviors to which they are exposed. Below, I will elaborate on my assertion with respect to OCD and it's relation with Mullahism.
I knew a kid during my childhood in "Lahore" who was taught ritual prayers and given back education of Islam. The innocent kids used to read articles and Fatwas regarding "rights and wrongs". Once he came to know that (according to Mullahs) if the water during ablution doesn't enter inside the nails, ablution doesn't become proper, or if the water doesn't enter inside the nose to a certain length, the ablution remains (Mukruh) or if one part of elbow remains dry during ablution, ablution is not ok and samething with the head and feet. Since he used to offer prayers with full devotion, he became obsessed with his ablution habits and used to perform ablution sometimes 3 times before one single prayer due to the illusionary and intrusive thoughts that if your ablution remains incomplete, it will render your prayer invalid. He even became obsessed with his prayers due to the following false literatue.
(1) Skip three "Friday" prayers and you are out of Islam.
(2) One who intentionally skips a Namaz (ritual prayer), contributes to infidelity (Kufara). (A fabricated Hadith which can have been found in 6th, 7th grade Islamic studies books at that time)
(3) There is a valley in Hell that contains vigorously venemous snakes, all those snakes will run after "BAY-NAMAZI" in hell and will continue to bite the Bay Namazi. (Family Magazine or Akhbar-e-Jahan)
(4) The one who skips Maghrib prayer, shinning or brightness goes away from his face. The one who skips Isha prayer looses the comfort during his sleep. (This Quote #4 used to be on a printed sticker which I myself winessed on the walls on local shops in Lahore)
In summary, there was a tremendous literature on similar things which the kid used to read as he was intentionally or unintentionally exposed to N2I. And like this kid, there are millions of Muslims who read this kind of literature and some of them become osessed with their religious beliefs. I also know someone who became obsessed with Blasphemous thoughts when he was a minor because he was exposed to an environment in which people and relatives in his surrounding used to debate over the issue of Blasphemy. The minor child used to hear and read stuff like that: A blasphemous must be put to death, The name of Prophet Muhammad should not be uttered without Durood, Thumbs should be kissed whenever Prophet's name is mentioned in Mosques, One who committs blasphemy doesn't derserve to live and that one day a man came to Hazrat Umar's court and asked him a question to resolve an issue, Hazrat Umar asked, " Have you discussed this issue with Prophet Muhammad? The man replied, Yes I have, Hazrat Umar said, then how did you dare coming to me after obtaining Prophet's approval and then Hazrat Umar suddenly stood up and chopped off the person's head with his sword. (Wah)
The latter kid once told me that during his teenage, he had become so obsessed with fears of blasphemy and intrusive thoughts of Halal and Haram, that he came to a stage where he had developed a great distaste and dislikeness for Islam. He began perceiving Islam as a cruel religion and once said blasphemous things about Sahaba and Prophet under extreme complusion while he was exercising intervening thoughts and suddenly after these thoughts, asked God to forgive him whatever he had thought about Sahaba, Prophet and Islam unconciously and without sanity. He also told that after reaching the adulthood, he retook great interest in learning Islam, studied Dr.Shabbir and Dr.Khalifa, rationalized his thoughts, gained knowlege of Quran as opposed to fabricated Hadiths, got rid of all supersitious and irrational beliefs and became a lover of Islam. He now believes that Islam is the best, modest, an easy, and most rational systerm of life and he felt proud defending the Holy Prophet with his counter-argument in one of his classes during college when a negative statement was being made about him that wasn't truly reflective of his personality.
Above are the examples of how Mullaism and our N2I literature can lead normal people to OCD who naturally or unnaturally happen to have a sensitive mind and heart. However, I know both kids till today. Now in their adulthood, they have taken the step of doing their own research on Islam, have studied scholars like Dr. Shabbir Ahmad, Dr. Khalifa, Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Abduh, Allamah Pervez, Allamah Tamana Imadi and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The kids who are young adults now have become pretty rational, have distinguished Mullahism from true Islam, have rationalized their beliefs and thoughts and mashallah are quite intelligent and above-average in their academic careers.
The American institutions of Psychology have considered the two habits as signs and symptoms of OCD, the two habits are mentioned below.
(1) Excessive focus on religious or moral ideas
(2) Praying excessively or engaging in rituals triggered by religious fear
It is interesting to see that the rigorousness of Mullahism and persistent blind following can even lead to personality disorder and mental deterioration. It is true that in real world, Mullahism and N2I can only enhance the "negative" and diminish the positive.