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Re: Where are the women? - Masochism
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Thursday, 25 March 2010, 4:25 pm
In Response To: Re: Where are the women? - Masochism (Dr Shabbir)

According to Yusuf Estes, if a woman is not wearing Hijab you should go ask her father, or brother or husband, why not? She has no say in the matter and has not been ‘instructed’ properly in the ‘Islamic’ dress code. His own wife, a former Christian, as he was a former Christian preacher, wears Nikab as well! Out of the frying pan, into the fire!

Muslim women are dominated from birth by their male members of family. If the family is backward, so will be the mentality of the womenfolk. They are programmed to serve, and to accept their lot, all ‘Allah ordained’, of course!
Men do not want to educate women, because then they will find for themselves their Allah given rights which are denied them. Let them stay at home and be reliant upon the man to clothe and feed them, powerful tools in suppressing women.

One day men may realise that women can make them better persons, we complement each other, and we achieve a synergistic relationship by this, not the antagonism we so readily find.

33:35 Surely, for Muslim men and Muslim women, believing men and believing women, devoted men and devoted women, truthful men and truthful women, steadfast men and steadfast women, humble men and humble women, charitable men and charitable women, abstinent men and abstinent women (abstaining from all vices), chaste men and chaste women, men who remain mindful of God and women who remain mindful (of God), for them, God has readied forgiveness and an immense reward. [3:194, 4:124. Maghfirah = Forgiveness = Protection against detriment = Erasing the imprints of faults = Absolving imperfections]

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