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What Is Islam?
Date: Thursday, 25 March 2010, 1:05 pm

Introduction to Islam

What do you know about Islam? Not what you HEARD about Islam, not what you seen in the action of some Muslims. Because there is a difference between Islam and Muslim. There is a difference between a man and a father. A man who has children is a father. But father is a responsibility. If a man who does not fulfil those responsibility, he is not necessarily a good father. Islam is a rule and an order. If a Muslims does not fulfil those rules and orders, he is not a good Muslim. So you can not compare Islam by Muslims.

We hear the term “Islam” and “Muslim” quite often. And we read about Islam and Muslims in the periodical textbooks of colleges and universities. We hear and we see a lot of inaccurate, misleading and purposeful misinformation through the media. And I have to admit that some of these misinformation and misrepresentation has been perpetuated by Muslims themselves. Yet one out of every 5 persons in this world of some 5 billion people is a Muslim. This is the statistics that you can verify in the encyclopaedia. How is it that 1 out of every 5 people in this world is a Muslim and that we don’t know something about Islam? The facts about Islam?

If I told you 1 out of every 5 people in this world were Chinese, which is a fact cause there are 1 billion Chinese in the world. We know the geographical, social, economical, political, philosophical and historical facts about China and the Chinese. Then how come we don’t know Islam?

What is it that joins all these nations (around 35 Muslim nations) and this universal configuration into a common entity? What makes a brother in Saudi Arabia a brother to an American? What makes a brother from China a brother to an Egyptian? What makes a brother from Australia a brother to a Pakistani? An African is my brother, another one from Thailand is my brother, a Bosnian is my brother, the other one from Canada is my brother. From Spain, Russia, India, Germany and so forth. What makes them my brother?

We have that different cultural, psychological background. What is it about Islam that automatically embraces us and joins us together as a brotherhood?

What are the accurate characteristics of this misunderstood way of life that are followed by a great part of humanity?

I will try to provide you with some facts, but in addition to this as I mentioned to you before, it is necessary for you to be open minded and open hearted. Because if a turned a glass upside down and poured water on it, I will never get a glass of water. It has to be right side up.

Facts alone do not lead to understanding, but rather a combination of tolerant, ambition and the ability to appreciate and accept the truth when you hear it.

The word Islam means surrender, submission and obedience to the law of almighty God. You can say “Allah”, you can say the creator, you can say the supreme God, the supreme force, the all wise – all of those are his names. We say “Allah”, because in Arabic, there are no other expressions. This expression “Allah” cannot be applied to any created things. Other words we use for almighty – can be applied for created things like “the almighty Dollar” or he is the “greatest” etc. But the word “Allah” can only be applied to the one who has created all of these that we have previously described.

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What Is Islam?
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