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Re: What is the difference?
By:Taseer Cheema
Date: Wednesday, 24 March 2010, 2:38 pm
In Response To: Re: What is the difference? (Badar Kanwar)

Dear brother dr badar
I'm deeply impressed with your linguistic
analysis and very much inclined to accept
your conclusion. This interpretation will , if accepted largely,
change the way we approach God.
However, being a studant of philosophy and history, I strongly
believe that beside linguistic study we ought to analyse the concept in the historical prospect
and also see how philosophy dealt with the question of God.
When you asked the question I tried to address it employing the tools, as mentioned above.
In addition to this, the linguistic study is going to limit us only
to Islam and to take a universal look of the God concept, we ought to go
further and explore other avenues.
Quran is, beyond any doubt, a complete book which has answers to all the
questions and every new generation will uncode it further.
The clear example of this is your linguistic discoveries which truely amaze me.
But majority of the world does not believe in Quran.
Therefore, the God question need to be approached differently.
My initial 10 readings of " reconstruction ----- " by Iqbal didn't make any sense to me but more recently
I finally got a handle on it. Now In my point of view Dr Iqbal presented a beautiful and palatable
concept of God which has universal appeal.
Although I have my own problems with mysticism but it's also true that
mystics approached the question with more non- material attitude. Nevertheless ,the pantheism sprang out of it which is perhaps
due to the irresponsible attitude of certain mystics who stretched it too long which
caused a great deal of damage to their own cause.
Again, I admire your efforts to bring the truth to the light.
I have noticed some of our brothers and sisters display some degree of aggressiveness while
commenting on your posts which is antagonizing to the further progress.
We ought to be more responsible and tolerant to difference of opinion when it comes to the study of Quran.
Otherwise it will defeat the purpose of research.

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