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Re: Usury
By:Mubashir Inayet
Date: Wednesday, 17 March 2010, 3:57 pm
In Response To: Usury (Naushad P.)

In The Name Of God The Merciful The Compassionate

The Usury Battle

Originally published on December 22-2006

By Ahmed Mansour Translated from Arabic by Mohammad Dandan


The Egyptian State was suffering from a sustained organized plunder of Egyptian wealth, through what was referred to as money investment wave, which contributed to the desolation of banks after being accused of dealing in usury, enticing people to withdraw their monies, their lifesavings and in some cases, to sell their real estate holdings, giving it all to Ar-Rayyaan, Ash-Sherif and others (Investment Co.). Some influential figures in the government, along with many religious notables, like Sheikh Sha’raawi and Sheikh Abdussabour Shaaheen, and numerous other Sheikhs from Al-Azher took part in this process of looting and plundering, with concerted mass flooding of advertisement promoting that type of investment. Against this storm, there was me and my friend Dr. Faraj Fouda, who wrote a small pamphlet called it, (the scam), also published few articles in Al-Ahrar newspaper, tackling the issue from purely economical aspect, whereas I dealt with the aspect of conformity to Islamic principles….But the Sheikhs’ influence prevented me from publishing but three articles.

Al Akhbar newspaper used to publish, timidly, some articles for me, in the page titled (People’s Say), under the column,(The Quran is the solution) ,and the credit for this opportunity should go to Mr. Abdul Waarith Eddesouqi, one of the great Egyptian journalists in the twentieth century, and I know how hard he had to fight to allow me to publish an article every month or two. Out of those articles, two were connected to usury, the first one of which is the following, published on June 29th 1989:

Which one is lawful and which is not

The banks or the investment brokerage houses??

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