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*Islam: What The West Needs To Know - Rebuttal 5
By:Dr Shabbir
Date: Wednesday, 17 March 2010, 3:31 pm


April 18th, 2008 by Dr. Shabbir

Dear friends,
After a lull of two days, there is a flood of calls and emails asking me to continue the rebuttal to completion. In-Sha-Allah, we will do that. Kindly stay in touch, comment and advise.

Walid Shoebat: Well, Muhammad, the prophet of Islam wiped out all the Jews of Saudi Arabia. There were three tribes, Banu Nuzair, Banu Quraizah and Banu Qainqa’. He ordered the beheading of the Jews of Banu Quraizah and the women being taken concubines. As soon as a child had pubic hair, he was beheaded. The Jewish population was either extradited or beheaded. The story of Rabi’ah Qanina is well recorded. Qanina was tortured by the order of the prophet himself. His eyes were put out. He was burned in order to confess where the Jewish Tribes were hiding their goods, their gold and silver, any kind of things. This is right from the Hadith. This inspired us as Palestinians on fighting Jihad against the Jews in Palestine.

Answer: Dear Sir, you have skipped the most authentic, first Source of Islam, the Qur’an, and jumped to Hadith and history written 250 to 350 years after the exalted prophet.
The oncoming video clip mentions Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Hisham.

Being an Arab, you must have read the originals and you should know quite well that even Ibn Ishaq d. 773 CE was half Jew and half Zoroastrian and his supposed biography of the prophet, even if ever written, was immediately lost. Imam Malik has called ibn Ishaq a big liar. Then more than half a century later Ibn Hisham d. 840 wrote ibn Ishaq on hearsay from Ziyad al-Bakai (Magian), Musailma Abrash (Jewish) and Hamid Razi (Magian). [“Seerah” Ibn Ishaq has been forged from ibn Hisham as late as 2000 CE under fictitious names.] Ibn Hisham’s strategy was most sinister. He would narrate some lines complimentary to the exalted prophet in order to establish credibility and then follow with derogatory lines and paragraphs. Also, there was Waqidi, as one of the narrators, a hard-boiled Magian and reputedly the biggest liar of the times. (Mazhabi Dastanain aur Unki Haqeeqat by Allama Habib Kandhalwi).

Now the video shows this clip:
The Life of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq d.773 CE [Siratur Rasool]
Edited by Abdul Malik Hisham d. 840 CE.

Now see the truly Authoritative Truth from the Qur’an.

33:26 Those People of the Scripture who allied with the clans (despite having a treaty with you), have been taken out from their forts and strongholds, and panic has struck their hearts. Some of them were killed in the battle and others were taken prisoners of war. [The Jewish Tribe, Bani Quraizah had violated the treaty, but another Jewish tribe, Bani Nadhir/Nuzair of Khyber had also been among the confederates]

47:4 … There must be an act of kindness or ransom when the battle lays down its weapons. … [8:37, 38:40. Free the captives as an act of kindness or ransom, such as in exchange for your men in their captivity. There is no third option. So, where is the beheading and where are the concubines?]

Surah 59. AL-Hashr – The Gathering refers to the gathering of forces and peaceful exile in 5 Hijrah (627 CE) of the Jewish Tribe of Banu Nadhir/Nuzair near Madinah. They were banished from there after they had repeatedly violated the peace treaties they had signed with the exalted prophet. They kept joining hands with the Makkan idolaters, the hypocrites and some clans attempting to annihilate the believers. For their treachery, Banu Nadhir lost their citizenship and got exiled according to the treaty. They were allowed to take with them all movable property except weapons of war. With 600 camels laden with their belongings, the tribe was allowed to migrate peacefully to any place of their choosing and thereupon they relocated themselves in Syria.

59:2 He is the One Who evicted the disbelievers among the People of the Book from their homes at the first gathering (of the forces). You never thought that they would leave and they thought that their strongholds would defend them against God. But God’s requital came to them from directions they little expected, and caused fear in their hearts. So, they dismantled their dwellings with their own hands and at the hands of the believers. Learn a lesson, then, O You who are endowed with insight! [They dismantled their immovable property to prevent the believers from benefiting from it.]

59:3 And if God had not decreed banishment for them, He would have punished them harder in this world, yet for them is suffering of the fire in the life to come.
Did anyone challenge this Qur’anic truth in the life-time of the exalted prophet and his noble companions?

Again, where is the barbarism? Further, a gentleman like yourself should not have felt inspired by torture committed by anyone.

Question: Were little children growing pubic hair within a few weeks of the siege?

Dear Sir, you have not mentioned which Hadith reports the “Rabi’ah Qanina atrocity”. Absolutely none! You might have heard it in pastime. Please correct the name as Rabi’ah bin Kan’anah who was immediately sent to his family for promising non-violence.

See how a top western historian sums up the situation in one sentence:

H.N. Spalding - Civilization in the East and West:
Mohammad was the greatest Executive Officer for implementation of the Divine Will.

Shabbir, a life-long student!

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