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Re: in Denmark
Date: Sunday, 7 March 2010, 8:37 pm
In Response To: Re: in Denmark (Maniza )

Asalam Aleikum.

I hope it is ok that i revive this old thread,

Dear Jawaid. I hope you are doing well?

I'm reviving this old thread because i have a favor to ask.

I've taken up the task of translating some of the books found at ourbeacon.
I've started with the book Duo Islam written by Dr. Barq and translated to english by our good and respected friend Dr. Shabbir.

I am well on my way with the translation. But it would be great to have some fresh eyes and elderly knowledge in doing some danish proof-reading for my translation.

Do you know if your friend Bazm whom lives here in Copenhagen is fluent in danish grammar? And if he has any interest in helping me with the Project Maniza has humbly asked me to assist her in?

Out of respect for him i do not wish to contact him out of the blue as not to bother him.
I hope you can help out.

Best Regards

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