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Re: Where are the women? - Masochism
By:Dr Shabbir
Date: Sunday, 7 March 2010, 12:07 am
In Response To: Where are the women? (Zubair)

Dear brother,

With some reluctance, I find myself obligated to use a rather harsh term, MASOCHISM (pleasure in being abused or dominated, a taste for suffering), for some women.

My observation in nearly 40 years of Medical practice: Women who are chronically abused and maltreated, with their humanity degraded day and night, somehow become "addicted" to these insults. It becomes their lifestyle so much so that they miss the relegation of their 'self' if their husbands and in-laws fail to dispense their daily quota of abuse. Subconsciously and innocently, these women encourage and even incite their family members to physically and emotionally abuse them. The cycle of abuse-crying-sympathy-apology-abuse becomes a part of their lives.

This "deprivation" of abuse sounds paradoxical and must be controversial but it is a tragic fact of life.

The treatment is consistent patience, respect and kindness from the family in low doses gradually increasing with each passing day. It takes two to three months for such women to regain their confidence and self-esteem back to normal levels. Sounds strange, but I have seen remarkable results when the families understand the phenomenon and cooperate with the physician and the affected women. Then the women resume living a completely normal life with excellent psychosocial interactions.

This observation is light years apart from the old erroneous "professional" verdict that some women subconsciously/secretly desire sexual abuse and even rape.

dictated, not read.

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