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Re: Hadiqa Kiani - Br AmirAbbas' comment
Date: Saturday, 6 March 2010, 1:45 pm
In Response To: Re: Hadiqa Kiani - Br AmirAbbas' comment (Dr Shabbir)

It's my honor to post my comment about this music:

Wow ! :-)

Actually Hadiqa Kiani sings Awesome, just beautiful, and this is a well-matched music. About the Lyrics i have to say that at first listening i only understood the 2 first Verses fully (2 first Mesra's or 1st Beyt). i had to look at the poem to understand what she is singing and this is almost true about all songs one hears because lyrics and verses undergo melodic arrangements in order to match with the music that is played under the vocals.

Today in Iran people usaually don't say, for example: CHASHM (eye) they say CHESHM and the correct form is CHASHM. Words are changing and have changed with how their vowel sounds are pronounced, For Example, a has changed to e: MAY-that we usually say MEY. So, in Persian poems one has to use the correct form of the words to understand that poem better. Even i have to say that iranian singers which sing in Farsi, use modern Farsi. Another thing i have to say is that in every region of Iran people use their own accent and language, so this makes Farsi a little confusing. There are Kurds, Turks, Yazdee's, Shirazee's, Baluchs, Isfahanee's. So i think all people in Iran are tending to use modern Farsi.

(There maybe mistakes in my comment about Farsi, but i've tried to tell my observations.)

Dear Dr. Shabbir !

This work proves for me that poems have to be read in the way they were written. And Persian poems will help people not to forget their old language and accent. Anyway, this beautiful music is showing me that this government of Iran has ruined our culture, art and music.

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