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Dr. Qamar Zaman in Washington DC
Date: Friday, 5 March 2010, 4:38 pm

Brother Abby and any Brother/Sister can contact me at drshabbir@bellsouth.net.

Once a Brother/Sister contacts me via email, I will provide him/her with my current email address.

It is confirmed that Brother Dr. Qamar Zaman will be in Washington DC from March 23 to 26. Our Forum Brothers/Sisters are very welcome to meet with Dr. Qamar Zaman during these dates. Please contact me at the above email address or call Brother Dr. Shabbir 954-746-2115 and get my contact information, which includes my cell phone number as well as home address. Please remember that my cell phone is good for sending Email, Instant Message, and Text Message. For voice calls I have two separate numbers.