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Re: The Method Of Wudhu
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 5 March 2010, 9:31 am
In Response To: The Method Of Wudhu (Dr Shabbir)

Pure and Impure Water- That Is The Question

They cannot agree with feet washing, then what about what constitutes clean water to perform the wudhu?

Ablution to purify is complicated by the different schools of thought as to what constitutes pure water when doing the act.
Water is considered pure if it has remained unchanged by an unavoidable action, for example, coming into contact with soil, leaves or minerals from the earth.
If the smell, colour or taste of water is changed it becomes impure if contact is made with an impurity, but not if no contact is made with an impurity (a rotten carcass not in contact with the water but causing the water to become foul smelling does not constitute an impure factor).
If you have impure water in one vessel and pure water in another and they are mixed by way of dropping them together from a height where they mix in the air, then the resultant water is pure (according to some, bird excrement that is dropped from the air while birds are flying is pure, while that dropped on the ground by chickens etc is impure, but what this has to do with development of human personality and the establishment of the Quranic social system, I have no idea!).

Water is not the only thing that can purify, although it is required to purify the human body except in the case of licking a body part with saliva. Unusually, when wheat is impure it becomes pure by disposing of an equal part by way of being eaten, or sold!
Walking on the earth purifies the feet if this removes an impurity.

This is not an exhaustive list because the ignorance of the rulings would be beyond the full scope of this post.

Also, conditions Requiring Ablution, depending on which sect you belong to

1. Discharge of urine, faeces or wind.
2. Touching a person of the opposite sex that are non Muhram.
3. Touching your front or rear parts, either with your naked hand or with clothing in between.
4. Vomiting that does or does not fill the mouth.
5. Blood and pus that comes out in small or large quantities.
6. Laughing during the prescribed prayers
7. Intermittent bleeding of women may or may not require ablution

That is why they need a madrassah ‘educated’ Mullah to sort out which one their madhab follows.

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