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Arrogance and the Qur'an
By:Khadija Husain
Date: Wednesday, 3 March 2010, 11:32 pm
In Response To: Arrogance In Quran (Sr.Saad)

Submission here means following the laws and commands of Allah. How will the birds and skies and mountains will do rukoo' wa sujood if you are thinking of that?

Mannerism and Arrogance (from TSQ by Dr. Shabbir)

Do not be arrogant with people, and do not walk haughtily on earth. [31:18]

Walk humbly and lower your voice in humility. [31:19]

Pride of knowledge is the height of arrogance since above every man of knowledge there is one who knows more. [12:76]

Do not shout. Speak politely keeping your voice low. [31/19]

Do not be a bragging boaster. [31/18]

Be proactive rather than reactive. [3:17]

Do not argue in matters of which you have no knowledge. [3:66]

Do not ridicule the under-privileged for insufficient help. [9:79]

Sublimate your anger into creative energy. [3:134]

Be moderate in your pace. [31:19]

Walk on earth humbly and when the ignorant address you, say, “Peace!” [25:63]

When you hear a slander, think well of the fellow human beings. [24:12-16]

Do not slander. [24:4]

Do not ridicule others, nor defame them. [49:11]

Do not insult each other by offensive nicknames. [49:11]

Avoid suspicion and guesswork. [49:11]

Do not spy upon one another. [49:11]

Do not criticize anyone in his absence. No backbiting. [49:12]

Do not envy the prosperous. [4:54]

Respond to harsh words and actions with kindness. [13:23]

Appreciate fine arts and the nice things of life. [7:32]

Everyone acts in a manner peculiar to himself. (Human beings tend to make their own rules of conduct), but the best path has been shown by the Creator. [17:84]

Do not walk on earth with pride. Neither could you bore through the earth, nor could you become as tall as the mountains. [17:37]

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