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Re: Lone Deaf Guy vs. Taliban and Namazi
By:*Arif Shamim
Date: Wednesday, 3 March 2010, 7:34 pm

Dear brother , Salam

Your wrote

‘I can’t absorb all that inelegance I am fine with my low level Taliban/Namazi mentality and I am not scared of getting my self hurt by telling the truth, and that is why I prefer not to check Thomas Edison and be wiser than wise.’

No problem as there is absolutely no compulsion or coercion in Religion 2:256

Al-Qur’an says

10:57 O Mankind! There has now come to you Enlightenment from your Sustainer, and a healing for everything that troubles your hearts, and guidance, and grace to all who embrace it.

and this Enlightenment from our Sustainer says

90:11 But he hardly tries the uphill road, the Ascent.

90:12 Ah, what will convey to you what that Ascent is!

90:13 Freeing others from bondage, physical or mental, and from any social, economic or political oppression. [Freeing the neck includes all the above meanings and establishing the System wherein the only Master is God]

90:14 Feeding in times of hunger, famine, wars and natural disasters.

90:15 Taking special care of those who, despite being a part of the community, feel left out. [Za maqrabah = Near one = Relative = Part of the community]

90:16 Helping him who remains needy though he toils in the dust.

90:17 Being of those who have chosen to be graced with belief, and become living reminders of perseverance and living reminders of compassion.

90:18 Such are the companions of the right hand (immersed in bliss).

90:19 And those who deny Our messages, such are the companions of the left hand (immersed in despondence).

Are you still fine with your low level Taliban/Namazi mentality? Or will try the uphill road requiring solid actions not rituals?

If you are still fine with your low level Taliban/Namazi mentality , no problem as Al-Furqan says

35:32 And so, We gave the scripture as inheritance to those whom We elected of Our servants. And there are those who (ignore it and thus) hurt themselves. Others will have a lukewarm attitude toward it, and some who, by God’s leave, will be foremost in attaining all the good in it. That! Certainly that is, the great bounty.

Where would you classify yourself ?

-Arif Shamim

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