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Scam stoning in Bangladesh
By:Ayesha Kabir
Date: Monday, 1 March 2010, 1:48 am

Staged stoning at Daily Star

Ayesha Kabir

Believe it or not, but yesterday on the rooftop of Daily Star's office at Kawran bazaar there was a photo shoot of a woman being stoned following a fatwa by fundamentalists. This was a completely staged photoshoot and one of Star's young woman staff dressed up in a sari (village style) and posed as if she was being stoned. This is supposed to be the cover for the Friday Star weekend magazine. It is unfortunate to see the length we go to prove Bangladesh to be a hub of "Islamist fundamentalism"!

Who needs enemies when we have ourselves!

From Taj Hashmi

Dear All:

From re-looking at the photo of the "poor village woman being stoned by people at the behest of an obscurantist Bangladeshi mullah, definitely in league with the BNP-Jamaat gang" even an idiot can visualise from the hand-gesture of the stone thrower that they were throwing the stones and pebbles very softly so that the girl (may be someone from Gulshan or Dhanmondi!) is not hurt.

Someone had sent me a note earlier about this staged stoning on the roof-top of Daily Star building in Dhaka, which I discarded as a malicious propaganda. Fact is really stranger than fiction.

Shame on Daily Star! I know I am burning my boat -- Daily Star will NEVER EVER publish anything by me. Who cares?!

If Daily Star thinks telling a lie with some "documentary evidence" (albeit for a good cause, to fight Islamist obscurantists) is morally defensible, then one must "congratulate" the daily for being so innovative!
Taj Hashmi
taj_hashmi@hotmail. com