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Re: Religion without Reason
By:Rizwan Ahmed
Date: Saturday, 27 February 2010, 6:07 am
In Response To: Re: Religion without Reason (Sr.Saad)

Dear Saad

After all our 5000 years history is preserved in Books as an asset but they should be treated as a HISTORY only which is PAST/DEAD, the only book which is LIVING, is the Holy Book of Quran and will remain LIVE as promised by GOD.

2:2 (Here is the guidance you asked for.) This is a Book whereof there is absolutely no doubt concerning its authority and authenticity. And it leaves no doubts lingering in a seeking mind. It is a Guide for those who wish to journey through life in honor and security.

By following in such a way prescribed by the GOD, our efforts will not go astray.

5:44..... So, fear not people, but fear Me and do not trade away My revelations for petty gains. Whoever does not judge and does not rule according to what God has revealed, such are the disbelievers.

2:5 They are the ones who walk on a path lighted by their Lord, and they are the ones whose crops of effort will flourish and they will truly prosper.

Declaration is not required to Reject/Discard; the Prime job of Gods Commands is to differentiate between the RIGHT and WRONG because It calls itself An-Noor (the Light), we have to Reject/Discard on the Authority of Quran. Declaration required is to Follow the way The Quran shows.

5:15 O People of the Book! Now has come to you Our messenger, to make clear to you much of what you have been concealing from yourselves and others. He ignores much of the irrelevant accounts and pardons much of your misdeeds. Now has come to you from God a beacon of light and a clear Book.

42:52 So, We have revealed to you (O Prophet!) a life-giving message, by Our command. You did not know what a revealed Book is, nor what Faith implies. But now We have made it a Light through which We guide those of Our servants who will to be guided. (O Prophet!) you guide them to the straight path.

Guide me if wrong.

A student

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