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Re: Finite or infinite universe?
By:Dr Shabbir
Date: Friday, 26 February 2010, 9:27 pm
In Response To: Finite ir infinite universe ? (Muhammad Rafi)

Muhtaram Rafi Bhai,

Allah does not say that the universe is infinite in time or space, nor does He say that it is spherical. It is expanding, yes, a linear expansion like an iron rod would expand with heat.

The Qur'an strongly negates the dogma of reincarnation which subscribes to a cyclical theory of life. The theory originated with Plato and it was adopted by Hindu philosophers. The Qur'an corrects the fallacy by stressing that Life in the Universe goes on with a linear ascending evolution with all creation moving on to newer and higher forms. The human ‘self’ also ascends on the ladder of self-actualization by benefiting people.

.… Indeed, my Lord is on the Straight Path. [He has designed the Universe and the life therein for evolution in a linear, ascending fashion. [11:56]

Linear Ascent of the human ‘self’. [90:10-20]

[God has designed the Universe so that all things go through evolution. It is an ascending, linear journey that makes progress possible and allows all things to become what they are meant to be. In the Cyclical hypothesis of the Greek philosophers, things will keep revolving in a circle like oxen endlessly going around a water well without covering any real distance. Christian Monasticism, Judaic Mysticism, Hindu and Buddhist Mythology, Sufism etc delineate the ultimate objective of humans as freeing themselves of this endless cycle of life. They call it 'salvation'. It is obvious that salvation is a negative notion, whereas the Qur'an motivates us to attain a positive goal, eternal success. The dogma of Original Sin in Christianity also involves restoration of humans to the zero point, a sinless state, once again a negative connotation]

51:47 And it is We Who built the Universe with power, and certainly, it is We Who are steadily expanding it.

[Samaa = Sky = Heaven = Allegorically the Universe. Bi-Ayidin = With both hands = With power. The expansion of the Universe was first proposed by the Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaitre and the Russian scientist A. Friemann. In 1929, it was observed for the first time by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble. The Qur’an had given us this knowledge 14 centuries ago!]

21:104 On that Day We will roll up the Sky as written scrolls are rolled up. Then, just as We initiated the first creation, We will produce a new one (a new Universe). This is a promise binding upon Us. For, We are Able to do all things. [Ultimately, God will create a new Universe (14:48).]

14:48 The Day will come when this earth will be replaced with a new earth, and the heavens too will be replaced and they will come forth to God, the One, the Dominating.

55:33 O Communities of the nomads and the urban! If you can break through the fences of the heavens and earth, then, break through. Never can you break through without an authority (that you won’t have).

[Sultan = Evidence = Proof = Authority = Power 4:153, 14:11, 15:42, 17:80, 37:156, 69:29. The violators cannot find a refuge outside, even if they were to breakthrough]

56:60 We have decreed death (designed the laws of death) among you. And there is nothing to prevent Us

56:61 From changing your forms and making you in a manner, and in an environment, that is (as yet) unknown to you.

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