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Religion without Reason
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 26 February 2010, 9:24 am

A new quote to add to your collection, from:-
A History of the Propagation of the Muslim Faith by T. W. ARNOLD, B.A.

[A Muhammadan writer of the fourth century of the Hijrah has preserved for us a
conversation with a Coptic Christian which may safely be taken as characteristic of the general mental attitude of the rest of the Eastern Churches at this period :

" My proof for the truth of Christianity is, that I find its teachings contradictory and mutually destructive, for they are repugnant to common-sense and revolting to the reason, on account of their inconsistency and contrariety. No reflection can strengthen them, no discussion can prove them and however thoughtfully we may investigate them and neither the intellect nor the senses can provide us with any argument in support of them. Notwithstanding this, I have seen that many nations and many kings of learning and sound judgment, have given in their allegiance to the Christian faith; so I conclude that if these have accepted it in spite of all the contradictions referred to, it is because the proofs they have received, in the form of signs and miracles, have compelled them to submit to it."]

Change this around and apply it to the hadith followers and you can see how the mighty have fallen!

The only answer they give is that they follow the crowd and their ancestors; the majority are never wrong, neither were their illustrious predecessors!

Two responses from the Quran:-

Surah 6
6:114 Say, “Shall I seek for Judge and Ruler someone other than God? He it is Who has revealed this Book, well expounded in detail for you.” Those whom We have given the Book know that this is revealed in Truth from your Lord. Be not among those who argue for the sake of argument.
6:115 Perfected is the Word of your Lord in Truth and Justice. None can change His Words and His Laws. And He is the Profound Hearer, the Knower. [6:34, 6:115, 10:64, 17:77, 18:27, 33:38, 33:62, 40:85, 48:23]
6:116 (People will confront you with what the majority is doing.) Now if you pay heed to, or get intimidated by majority of those who live on earth, they will lead you astray from God’s Way. Most of the people follow nothing but conjecture and they only live by guesswork.
6:117 Only your Lord (shows the Right Path and) knows best those who stray and those who are rightly guided.
6:118 So eat of what God has made Permissible, if you are indeed believers in His revelations. [People wonder why different things have been made Lawful or Unlawful in the Qur’an. But what the majority thinks, shall never be the criterion 3:93]

Surah 43
43:20 Yet they say, "If it had been the will of the Beneficent, we should not have worshiped them." But of that, they have no knowledge. They only wander in the valley of conjecture. [There is no room for fatalism in Divine Laws. Humans have been endowed with free will. 6:149, 36:47]
43:21 What! Have We given them a Scripture before this to which they are holding fast?
43:22 Nay, but they say, "Indeed, we found our fathers following a certain religion, and we find our way in their footprints."
43:23 Likewise, whenever We sent before you a warner to any township, its wealthy ones said, "Behold! We have found our forefathers following a certain religion, and we will follow in their footsteps."
[Ummah = A community with common beliefs = Those who share a common religion. Mutrifeen = The wealthy = Those given to material possessions = The social and financial elite = Those steeped in luxury = Those who are used to enjoying the fruit of others’ labor = Those who thrive on easy money = Who get wealthy without hard work]
43:24 He said, “What! Even though I bring you better Guidance than that you found your ancestors following?" They replied, "Indeed, we deny that there is any Truth in what you (prophets) are sent
43:25 And so We requited them. Then see the end of the rejecters

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