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Yaum A-Deen and Yaum al-Qiyāmah
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Monday, 22 February 2010, 4:50 pm

Yaum A-Deen and Yaum al-Qiyāmah

If deen is the way of life ordained by Allah for mankind then what about this day of Deen mentioned in various parts of the Quran, and especially in Surah Fateha which is repeated five times a day?:-

Surah 1. The Opening
1. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
2. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;
3. Most Gracious, Most Merciful;
4. Master of the Day of Judgment. (Maliki yaumi addeeni)
5. You do we worship, and Your aid we seek.
6. Show us the straight way,
7. The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.

I am going out from the maddening crowd with this because I want to tell you that the day of judgement and the day of deen are two separate events. The first is the day when all mankind will face the consequences of their actions after they have died and been resurrected by Allah; actions, good and bad will have an impact on your characters, soul ego etc, and should you fail the test of this worldly life you will have no rosy future in the hereafter. The second, the day of Deen is the time when all the man made systems are overthrown by the Quranic permanent values and this applies to our lives on this earth; everything will be judged by what the Quran says. This is achieved by:-

Surah 24 verses 54-57
24:54 Say, "Obey God and obey the Messenger - the Central Authority. But if you turn away, remember that he is only responsible for the duty placed on him, and you for the duty placed on you. If you obey him, you will be on the right guidance. The Messenger’s duty is only to convey the Message clearly."
24:55 God has promised that those of you (nations) who will believe in the Divine Laws and strengthen human resources, He will surely make them rulers on earth - Just as He granted rule to the previous nations (28:6, 33:27). He will certainly establish for them the System of Life that He has approved for them, and will replace their fear with peace and security. All this because they serve Me alone. They ascribe no partner to Me. But all those who, after this, deny these Laws will drift out (of the community of living nations). [The ‘belief’ in this verse does not pertain to any dogmas and tenets, but to the realization that the entire Universe is operating under the unchangeable Physical Laws of One Supreme Authority, thus providing the basis for all Science and Technology]
24:56 Hence, (O Believers) establish and consolidate the Divine System, set up the Just Economic Order of Zakaat, and obey the Messenger, so that you may flourish as the embryo flourishes in the mother’s womb.
[La’allakum turhamoon = Literally, so that you may attain Mercy = That you may flourish as the embryo flourishes in the mother’s womb. Rahm = Womb. Obey the Messenger = The eternal Messenger now is the Qur’an]
24:57 And think not that the rejecters of the Divine Laws can escape on earth. Fire shall be their home (in both lives), and it is indeed a miserable abode.

By following the Quran and establishing its system the desired result is achieved; “what you sow you reap” and if the Muslim world is a sectarian mess then you know the reasons why, you have deviated from the Word of Allah and the only way of rectifying it is to go back to the pure Quran. The whole purpose of Allah sending Prophets to mankind is to make us follow His laws, principles and values and not those of our fellow man. When we create legislation ourselves we make our law makers and rulers/priests our lords and masters and they will and have corrupted themselves by this. They are not accountable for what they do for they make the rules. When we follow Allah we should have a system where everyone will be held accountable, either in this life or the next.
To understand that the day of Deen applies to this earth we can look at some verses that state this term in a new light. The following has traditionally had many a convoluted tale spun about it and so requires Quranic light to reveal the truth:-

Surah 15 verse 28-43
15:28 Recall when your Sustainer said to the angels, "Indeed, I am about to create man out of sounding inorganic matter, (and then) out of hydrated clay.” [2:30-35, 7:11-22, 17:61, 19:21, 20:116-120]
15:29 And when I have perfected him in due proportion and breathed into him of My Energy, bow before him.” [Of My Energy = Free will. 76:3]
15:30 Thereupon the angels bowed, all of them together. [The physical Laws in the Universe were made subservient to mankind]
15:31 But Iblees (Satan) refused to be among those who bowed. [The selfish desire of humans declared rebellion against the higher controls of Reason. 2:34]
15:32 God asked, "O Iblees! Why are you not with those who bowed?"
15:33 He replied, "I am not one to bow to man whom You have created from sounding inorganic matter."
15:34 God said, "Go forth then, from here! You are dismissed forthwith.”
15:35 “My rejection shall be your due until the Day of Judgment."(yaum al-deen) [7:14-15]
15:36 Said Iblees, "Then O My Sustainer! Grant me respite till the Day when all shall be raised from the dead."
15:37 Answered He, "Surely, so be it. You shall be among those who are granted respite.”
15:38 “Till the Day known (to Me alone).”
15:39 Now Iblees said, "O My Lord! Because You have put me in the wrong, I will surely entice them on earth, and I will put them all in the wrong.” [Ghawa = Put in error = Thwart = Reject = Mislead = Deprive of sound judgment]
15:40 “Except those who are truly Your servants."
15:41 "This is, with Me, a Straight Path," said God.
15:42 “Surely, you shall have no power over My servants, except those who put themselves in error and follow you.”
15:43 “And for all such, behold, Hell is the promised abode.”

Iblis is the mischief maker on earth. If you imagine a red faced, spiky headed gremlin like creature then fair enough, keep taking your medication, but if, for one second, you can put indoctrinated upbringing on the side, then imagine a world where man is capable of doing good or bad himself through the free will that Allah has ordained for us. Doing good according to the requirements of Allah will lead to rewards and doing bad, no surprise, leads to a life of ruin and subjugation. The “Iblis” is our capacity to do wrong and this will only work if we do not follow Allah. When we do accept Allah only, and by inference the Quran only as our guide, then this day of deen will repel wrong doing and righteousness will prevail. There is definitely no separate being roaming around the earth spreading mischief. In the following verse it is man that the angels say will cause mischief and shed blood and unfortunately it is the allegorical nature of the verses regarding Adam (mankind) that is a cause of confusion in some “scholars” minds.

Surah 2 verse 30
2:30 (Now is related to you the creation of Adam or mankind, in allegorical terms; when God decided to create humans who would be given free will, and supremacy on earth.) Your Lord announced His Plan to the angels, “Indeed, I am about to place on earth a new creation that will have dominion over it.” They exclaimed, “Will you place on it such creation as will cause disorder therein and shed blood! - But we strive to manifest Your Glory (in the Universe)!” He answered, “Surely, I know what you do not know.”
[God had programmed the angels (God’s Forces in Nature) with specific tasks that express the Divine Will. He created humans through the process of evolution and granted them the ability to make free choices. They may choose to follow Divine Guidance or deviate from it (33:72). The "angels" were not even remotely aware of any will other than God’s. The Qur’an metaphorically portrays the immense responsibility given to humans in the story of Adam. Free will may be likened to the breathing into humans from the Divine Energy. The angels wondered if a clash of wills would not result in chaos and bloody disorder on earth, while the angelic role had always been that of striving to manifest the Impeccable Glory of their Lord and absolute submission to His Commands. (15:28-29, 16:49-50). Tasbeeh from Sabah = Swim with long strides = Strive hard = Apply oneself to a mission. Moses and Aaron did Tasbeeh - strove hard against Pharaoh 20:33. Human Evolution … 6:2, 7:189, 15:26-27, 22:5, 23:12-13, 25:54, 32:7-9, 35:11, 37:11, 71:17]

And to complete this point read the following:-

Surah 51 Az-Zaariyat – Those Who Spread the Divine Word’ verses 1-23
[Dr Shabir’s Note] This is the 51st Surah of the Quran. It has 60 verses. At no point do we find the Book of God demanding blind faith. Those who wish to attain conviction in the Truth, for them are signs on earth and within their own persons. Mankind has been created to live by the Creator’s Law, for their own good. In so doing, they would make the best use of the gift of life since it affords them the chance to achieve immortality and Eternal Bliss.
With the Glorious Name of Allah, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness
51:1 Consider those who scatter broadcast. [Individuals and communities that spread the Divine Word]
51:2 And those who carry a great burden of responsibility.
51:3 And those who glide gently (toward success).
51:4 And those who share the affair.
51:5 Indeed, what you are promised, will come to pass. [The Qur’an will ultimately prevail. 9:33]
51:6 And certainly, the Divine System will be established.
51:7 Witness is the sky full of starry orbits.
51:8 Indeed, it is you who deeply differ in what to believe.
51:9 Wanders in thought aimlessly he who deceives himself.
51:10 Belittle themselves those who live by guesswork.
51:11 Careless in an abyss, they know not that they know not.
51:12 They ask (mockingly), “When is the Day of Judgment coming?”
51:13 It is the Day when they will be tormented at the Fire.
51:14 Taste the trial that you brought upon yourselves. This is what you asked to hasten.
51:15 Indeed, in the midst of Gardens and springs are those who chose to live upright.
51:16 Enjoying all that their Lord grants them, for, behold, aforetime they used to benefit others.
51:17 And rarely did they fall asleep at night without reflection. [Haju’ = Fall asleep like an exhausted horse]
51:18 And whole-heartedly sought to be guarded against their imperfections. [Sahr = Morning = Being proactive = Early action = Core of the heart (Lisan-al-Arab). Ghafarah = Helmet = Guarding]
51:19 And in their wealth was the Divinely ordained right of those who ask and those who are deprived. [See 2:3, 6:141, Zakaat and the Day of the Harvest]
51:20 And on earth are signs for those who wish to attain conviction. [Its resources must remain open for all 15:20, 41:10, 55:11-12]
51:21 And also in yourselves, your individual psyche and soma, your folk and the unity in diversity among the human communities. Can you not then use your vision? [Anfusikum entails all the meanings rendered here. 9:31-33, 13:31,14:48, 18:48, 41:53, 48:28, 51:20-21, 61:9]
51:22 And in the heaven is all your providence and all that you are promised. [‘In the heaven’ = A metaphor for God’s Almightiness]
51:23 And by the Lord of heaven and earth! This is the Truth, as true as the fact that you speak.


Surah 74 verses 41-56
74:41 Of those who used to steal the fruit of others' toil.
74:42 “What has led you into Saqar?” [A Fire that lets not live and lets not die. Fire of Regret 74:28]
74:43 They will reply, "We were not of the Musalleen.”
[Who are Musalleen? 70:22-35
- Those who always follow the Divine System.
- And in whose wealth and possessions is a KNOWN RIGHT.
- For him who asks for help, and for him who is deprived.
- (And Musalleen are) those who have conviction in the Day of Judgment, and hence, in the Law of Recompense.
- And those who are fearful of their Lord’s Law of Requital.
- (They know that) Surely, their Lord’s Law of Requital makes no exceptions, so that none can feel secure.
- Those men and women who preserve their chastity.
- They have intimate relations only with their spouses – that is, those who are rightfully theirs through wedlock. For such relationship they are free of blame. (‘Aw’ = Or = That is = And. 23:5-7)
- But anyone who seeks beyond this, those are the transgressors.
- (And Musalleen are those) who guard their trusts and duties assigned to them, and their pledges, as a shepherd guards his flock.
- And those who are truthful in witness and stand by their testimony.
- And those who consolidate and protect the Divine System.
- Musalleen are the ones who collectively build their paradise on earth and inherit it in the Hereafter. Such are the honored ones]
74:44 “Neither did we feed the hungry, nor did we take part in helping those who had lost their jobs, those whose businesses had stalled, and those whose hard-earned income was insufficient to meet their basic needs.”
74:45 “And we were among those who used to say what they did not do.”
74:46 “And we used to deny the Day of Judgment and that the Divine System will eventually prevail”
74:47 “Till the inevitable Truth came unto us.”
74:48 Then no mediation of any mediator will help.
74:49 What, then, is the matter with them that they are turning away from a clear Advisory?
74:50 As if they were frightened zebras.
74:51 Fleeing from a lion!
74:52 Nay, each of them wants to be given the scrolls of Revelation personally, unfolded.
74:53 Nay, certainly, they are oblivious to the Law of Cause and Effect – that every action has its ultimate consequence.
74:54 Nay, behold, this is a clear Advisory.
74:55 So whoever wills may take it to heart.
74:56 But they will not take it to heart except in accordance with God’s Law of Guidance. He is the Source of security, and the Source of protection. [4:88, 76:30, 81:29]


Surah 82. Al-Infitaar – The Shattering
[Dr Shabir’s Note] This is the 82nd Surah of the Quran. It has 19 verses. The Quran is not a Book of prophecies, but since it is the Divine Word, whenever it alludes to the future, those statements must come to pass and many have.
The Universe has been so designed by the Almighty that no action falls into nothingness. Every single event and action is recorded and meets with its logical consequence. This is the Law of Requital which is the hallmark of the Divine Rule. The ultimate judgment of humans has been planned by Him on a Day (Time) that He calls Yaumiddeen = The Day of Judgment.
With the Glorious Name of Allah, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness
82:1 When the high atmosphere is shattered. [The conquest of Space will begin]
82:2 When the planets are dispersed. [Some of them are counted and named]
82:3 When the oceans will overflow with traffic.
82:4 And when the hidden things on earth are overturned. [The earth will be excavated for Archaeology. 100:9]
82:5 Every Nafs (‘self’) will know what it has done and what it has left undone. [Psychology will make strides]
82:6 O Man! What has lured you away from your Sustainer, the Bountiful?
82:7 Who created you, then fashioned you, then proportioned you? [95:4]
82:8 Having shaped you and put you together well in accordance with His Laws. (59:24)
82:9 Nay, but you deny the Judgment and the Divine System of life. [Deen = Divine System = Final Judgment = The Prescribed Way of Life = Any religion]
82:10 Indeed, there are above you guardians ever vigilant.
82:11 Noble, recording.
82:12 They know whatever you do. [verses 10, 11, 12, refer to the Divine Law of Requital]
82:13 Indeed, the virtuous who create room for others in the society, will be in Bliss.
82:14 And behold, those who split humanity will face an Insurmountable Barrier.
82:15 They will be visibly exposed to it on the Day of Judgment.
82:16 And will not be absent from there. [79:36]
82:17 And what will enlighten you about the Day of Judgment?
82:18 Again, what will enlighten you about the Day of Judgment?
82:19 That is the Day when no one will have the power to help another. For, on that Day (it will become obvious) that all Command belongs to God alone.

The Day of Deen, ‘the day when all command belongs to Allah alone’ will be the day the whole of humanity accepts, by their own free will, that there is a God and He did give us Guidance. Follow it now or later on, it will prevail over the tribalism of Judaism, the falsehood of Christianity and over other all “isms”; communism, socialism, Buddhism, capitalism, etc.

Whenever yaum a-deen is used in the Quran, I understand this to mean this time, not to the day of Judgement.

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