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Re: Halal food-unresolved issues
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 19 February 2010, 9:16 am
In Response To: Re: food (Razwan Iqbal)

I have been looking at the posts on halal food but there are a number of issues that I have been unable to resolve; please bear with me if I become incoherent or boring but along with grey hairs starting to come on my head this means my brain cells do not work as well as they should. I will also keep this concise and to the point so please also refer to my overly long post on halal food for the Quranic verses and other details.

Dead animals (carrion), pork, blood and any food dedicated to other than Allah are haram (forbidden).

Pork is allowed to be eaten if we are in an extreme situation and no other food is available.

We are allowed to eat anything caught by our hunting animals, birds of prey, dogs etc.

Blood that remains in the body quickly congeals and becomes fixed [there is also a red substance that oozes from some meat but this is said to be for anaerobic respiration of the muscles when exercising, not blood as such].
Blood has traditionally been thought of as ‘running’ blood and has been removed from the animal by cutting the jugular vein. When this is done the heart is still beating for a time and the muscles contract as a result of oxygen depletion so a large volume of blood is removed from the body, but not 100%. It is impossible to remove all the blood from just slaughtering so our Jewish brothers soak the meat in salted water and this removes a lot more; just leaving it, or washing it in water is not as efficient. This means that Allah is not intending us to remove all the blood, this would be impossible or overly burdensome.

If we can eat from our hunting animals, then the caught animal is dead and so removal of blood is even more problematic; no heart pumping. The blood congeals in the tissues and remains there. This means there is dispensation of the ‘no blood’ restriction under these circumstances, similar to pork eating at certain times. Also, if we are in doubt about the food, then under rare circumstances we can just pronounce the name of Allah over it and eat it, for example when a guest of someone.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, I see that Allah requires us under normal circumstances to remove the blood from the animal by way of cutting the jugular vein, with relaxing this only under exceptional times. If there is another way of abiding by the ‘no blood’ commandment of the Quran, then I have not been able to find this during my studies.

As always, I welcome any suggestions and corrections to improve my knowledge and increase my understanding.


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