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Re: Abrogation?
By:Anwer Suri
Date: Friday, 19 February 2010, 2:38 am
In Response To: Re: Abrogation? (Jawaid Ahmed)

Thanks for reviewing. I am not saying that it doesn’t apply to scriptures. In fact I am saying that it covers everything not just the Scripture. And I am sorry if I made any mistake.

Let me try to explain what I mean.

YUSUFALI: None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah Hath power over all things?
PICKTHAL: Nothing of our revelation (even a single verse) do we abrogate or cause be forgotten, but we bring (in place) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things?
SHAKIR: Whatever communications We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?
Dr. Shabbir: Any message (of aforetime) that We revoke or cause to be lost to history, We replace it with a better or similar one. Do you not know that God is the Supreme Controller of all things and events?
Asad: Any message which, We annul or consign to oblivion We replace with a better or a similar one. Dost thou not know that God has the power to will anything?

All above translations are giving this impression that ‘Ayat’ is not a specific one and the process of "abrogation and cause to be forgotten" is not stopped but it is actually a law of Allah which is in effect forever. This is the basis of my point of view.

The context is Scripture but this verse is covering everything. It’s like this, if someone asking to seller what type of the cover of book XYZ has? He replies “we use hard covers for our books’. It doesn’t mean that the book XYZ is not included in his statement or he is telling just for XYZ but actually it includes all the books available for sell. It is a principle of the seller that they always use hard cover.

It is just my opinion and I am not insisting that it is correct.

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