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Re: A simple question.
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Thursday, 18 February 2010, 8:58 am
In Response To: Re: A simple question. (Dr Shabbir)

Ancestor worship swamps the intellect and keeps the masses like Alice and the Mad Hatter in Wonderland!
Read the following verses to see how the Quran describes the majority:-

Surah 43
43:20 Yet they say, "If it had been the will of the Beneficent, we should not have worshiped them." But of that, they have no knowledge. They only wander in the valley of conjecture. [There is no room for fatalism in Divine Laws. Humans have been endowed with free will. 6:149, 36:47]
43:21 What! Have We given them a Scripture before this to which they are holding fast?
43:22 Nay, but they say, "Indeed, we found our fathers following a certain religion, and we find our way in their footprints."
43:23 Likewise, whenever We sent before you a warner to any township, its wealthy ones said, "Behold! We have found our forefathers following a certain religion, and we will follow in their footsteps."
[Ummah = A community with common beliefs = Those who share a common religion. Mutrifeen = The wealthy = Those given to material possessions = The social and financial elite = Those steeped in luxury = Those who are used to enjoying the fruit of others’ labor = Those who thrive on easy money = Who get wealthy without hard work]
43:24 He said, “What! Even though I bring you better Guidance than that you found your ancestors following?" They replied, "Indeed, we deny that there is any Truth in what you (prophets) are sent
43:25 And so We requited them. Then see the end of the rejecters.

1.Apes and Swine

Surah 2
2:64 Then, even after that, you turned away. And were it not for the Bounty of God upon you and His Grace, you would have been undone.
2:65 You are well aware of those among you who broke the Sabbath, whereupon We said unto them, “Be you held in contempt like apes!”
[For social and ecological reasons and to inculcate the sanctity of the Law in your hearts, We had commanded you to desist from fishing or working on Saturdays and to strengthen your social ties rather than going after business on that day (4:154, 7:163-167, 16:124). Persistent indiscipline is more befitting of an apish, rather than human mentality. 4:47, 4:154, 5:60. Note: Strangely enough, some ancient, and even modern commentators like Maududi, maintain that they were physically transformed into apes!]
2:66 We made this degradation a lesson for them in their times, and for the future generations, We made it a source of enlightenment that should soften the hearts of those who wish to live upright. [Wa’z = Admonition that softens the hearts]

Surah 5
5:59 Say, "O People of the Scripture! Do you not blame us just because we believe in God, and what is revealed to us and what was revealed before? And because most of you are drifting away from the Right Direction?”
5:60 Say, “Shall I point out to you something much worse for retribution with God? Worse is the case of those whom God has rejected, and His requital hits them. And remember those whom God’s Law relegated from the honourable stature of humanity and they started behaving like apes and swine. And they fell into becoming the slaves of Taaghoot (tyrants and the priesthood of any religion). Such are in worse plight, and farther astray than the mockers.” [2:65, 4:51]
5:61 When they come to you O believers, they say, "We believe". In fact they come in disbelief and depart in disbelief. God knows best what they conceal.
5:62 You will see many of them race towards actions that drag down the human potential, create division in the society and they earn wealth through illicit means. Indeed condemnable is what they do.
5:63 Why do not the rabbis and the priests forbid them from their down-grading assertions and illicit earnings? Indeed condemnable is what they manufacture. (A great many religious leaders, rabbis, priests, monks, Mullahs, yogis, and mystics devour the wealth of people deceptively, and hinder them from the Way of God 9:34)

Surah 7

7:165 When they disregarded the Reminders, We saved the ones who admonished them, and punished those who transgressed and drifted away from the Command.
7:166 As they persisted with their rebellious behaviour, Our Law caused their disposition take a downward turn and they developed apish mentality. We told them, “Be the living symbols of humiliation.”
7:167 And remember, your Lord proclaimed that He would raise against them till the Day of Resurrection, people who will persecute them. Your Lord is Swift in retribution, yet any people who mend their ways, will find Him Forgiving, Merciful.


Surah 8
8:47 Do not be like the disbelievers who come out of their homes boastfully and to show off, although they come forth to hinder people from the Path of God. And God encompasses all their doings.
8:48 There was a group of Satanic conspirators, the hypocrites, who praised the disbelievers’ actions, “You cannot be overcome by any people today, and we will be fighting along with you as allies.” But as soon as the two armies came face to face, they turned back on their heels and fled, saying, “We disown you, We see what you do not. We are afraid of God Who has instilled faith in the hearts of the believers. And God is Strict in grasping.”
8:49 The hypocrites, and those who harbor doubts in their hearts, taunted the believers, “Their religion has deluded them." But, whoever puts his trust in God, will find that God is Exalted in Might, Wise.
8:50 Only if you could perceive how the rejecters leave this world, as the angels put them to death. It is as if they were smiting their faces and backs, “Taste the doom of burning.”
8:51 “It is the result of your deeds that you sent forth with your own hands. God is never a tyrant to His servants.”
8:52 (They were made aware of history but) they ended up like Pharaoh's people, and those before them. They rejected God's messages, and God (through His Laws) seized them for trailing behind in humanity. Certainly, God is Strong, Strict in grasping. [Zanb = Tail = Trailing behind = Sticking a slander behind someone’s back]
8:53 God never changes a Blessing that He has bestowed upon a nation until they first change themselves. And, certainly, God it is Who is Hearer, Knower. [13:11]
8:54 Pharaoh’s people and those before them are examples. They denied the messages of their Lord. They trailed behind in humanity and We (Our Law) annihilated them. Pharaoh’s people were drowned. All were Zaalimeen. [They had displaced justice with injustice and used to violate human rights]
8:55 The worst among creatures in God's Sight are those who are bent on denying the Truth. They show ingratitude by not using their God-given faculties and thus fail to believe.
8:56 Those with whom you have made a peace treaty, and then at every opportunity they break their treaty, certainly violate the Divine Laws.

Surah 63
63:1 When the hypocrites come to you (O Prophet), they say, “We bear witness that you are indeed God’s Messenger.” Yes, God knows that you are truly His Messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are in fact liars.
63:2 They make their oaths and proclamation of Faith a cover so that they may bar others from the Path of God. Miserable indeed is what they do.
63:3 This, because they profess (before you) that they have believed whereas afterward (among their folk) they reject the Truth. And so a seal has been set upon their hearts, thus they understand not. [Variation between utterance and action hampers the power of reasoning within human psyche 61:2-5]
63:4 When you see them, their looks may impress you. And if they speak, you are inclined to listen to their speech. But they are like wooden logs propped up. They think that every call is directed against them. These are the real enemies, so beware of them. God condemns them. How are they deluded! [Wooden logs = Empty of inner strength, unable to stand at their own feet]
63:5 And when it is said to them, “Come! God’s Messenger will ask for your forgiveness”, they shake their heads, and you see them pause, and then draw back in false pride. [Istighfar = Protection of forgiveness = Absolving the faults through good deed = Preservation of the ‘self’]
63:6 It is the same for them whether you pray for their forgiveness, or not pray for their forgiveness. God will not forgive them. For, behold, God does not guide people who keep drifting away. [Fisq = Drifting away = Slip out of sense = Move away from reason = = Drift away from discipline = Defy Divine Commands]

(Hypocrites say that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah but do not do what is required of them)

3.Fools and diseased hearts (intellects)

2:6 Remember that those who have chosen denial in advance, it is all the same to them whether you apprise them (of the consequences of their actions) or apprise them not. They will refuse to acknowledge the Truth. [2:89-109, 6:26, 27:14, 35:42-43, 36:70, 41:26, 47:32]
2:7 God (His Law of Cause and Effect) has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and on their sight there is a veil. And theirs will be a tremendous suffering.
[Khatam or Taba’ from God, seal on the hearts, is a natural consequence of one’s deeds. Blind following, adamancy, being unjust due to selfish interests and arrogance render the human perception and reasoning unreceptive to Divine Revelation. Thus, one loses sensitivity and the ability to perceive reality. It is easy to see how damaging this fall from the high stature of humanity can be, a tremendous suffering that is built-in as the logical consequence of such attitude. 4:88, 17:46, 18:57, 40:35, 45:23, 83:14]
2:8 And of mankind there are those who claim, “We believe in God and the Last Day", while they are not believers. [Their actions that speak louder than words, contradict their claim. 4:136, 49:15]
2:9 They wish to deceive God and those who have attained belief. But they deceive none but themselves and do not realize it!
[Since reason is a faculty that has to be exercised and they have forsaken it, they are little aware of what opportunity of personal development they are missing. They live in a state of denial]
2:10 (This negative attitude) is a disease in their hearts, and God (His Law) increases their disease. And for them is painful suffering, for, they lie to themselves.
[Their attitude reinforces itself according to the Law of Cause and Effect. The conflict between one’s word and action amounts to self-deception that has its own dire consequences]
2:11 And, when it is said to them, “Do not cause disruption in the land (by violating the law)”, they assert, “We are but reformers, setting things right!”
2:12 Oh, surely, it is they who are the disrupters. But they fail to use reason.
[They bring forth a common argument that they are acting in good faith and in accordance with their ‘conscience’. But conscience is only the "internalized society", a mental reflection of the values prevalent in a given environment. Therefore, it can never be a substitute for Divine Revelation (Wahi). 3:20, 5:79, 9:67, 24:21]
2:13 And when it is said to them, “Acknowledge the Truth as people have acknowledged”, they retort, "Shall we accept what the foolish accept?" Nay, certainly, it is they who are foolish. But they do not know. [Imaan = Belief = Conviction = Acceptance = Acknowledgement = Embracing the Truth]
2:14 And when they meet those who have chosen to believe, they say, “We have attained belief.” But when they go apart to their shayaateen (devilish comrades), they say, "Indeed, we are with you. We were only mocking.”
2:15 God will return their mockery to them, and leave them to wander in their arrogance, blindly stumbling to and fro.
2:16 They have bought straying at the expense of Guidance. But their trade has to go bankrupt because they have not set their caravan in the right direction. [Muhtadi = Guided = He who journeys in the right direction]
2:17 Their example is that of a person who lights up a fire without adequate fuel. As soon as brightness surrounds them, the fuel is consumed and God (His Law) takes away their light leaving them in the dark where they cannot see. [The pursuit of instant gains only grants them a fleeting satisfaction since they have forfeited the long-term goal]
2:18 Deaf, dumb and blind of reason! They will not return to journey in the right direction (unless they use their perceptual and conceptual faculties. 8:22, 16:76, 17:36).


Surah 6
6:148 Those who associate others with God will say, “Had God willed, we would not have practiced idolatry, nor would our ancestors, nor would we have prohibited anything.” So did their ancestors argue falsely until they tasted Our Requital. Say, “Do you have any proven knowledge that you can present (that the human being is created without free will 18:29, 76:3, 90:10)? Nay, you follow nothing but conjecture and you only run after guess-work.”
6:149 Say, "The most Powerful Reasoning, the Final Evidence belongs to God. If He willed, He could have made all of you innately guided (like other creation who spontaneously follow Divine Laws 16:49, 41:11.)”
6:150 Say, “Come, bring forward your witnesses who can bear witness that God forbade all this. And if they bear witness falsely, do not bear witness with them. You shall not follow the opinions of those who deny Our revelations, nor of those who do not believe in the life to come, and deem others equal with their Lord. [8:53,

(Associating anyone or anything with Allah is condemned; this includes the so-called prophetic traditions)

5.Deaf dumb and blind

Surah 2
2:170 When it is said unto these (satans), "Follow what God has revealed", they say, "Nay! We follow that wherein we found our ancestors.” "What! Even though their ancestors (and the ancient Imams) were lacking in understanding and were not rightly guided?”
[5:104, 10:78, 11:62, 11:87, 21:53, 34:43, 38:7, 43:23. Hudan and derivatives = Prominent = Bright = Lighted = Clearly visible = Leading = Guidance = Lighthouse = A well-lit road = A landmark of identification in the desert or sea]
2:171 The likeness of such blind followers is that (of a herd of sheep) which hear the shepherd’s call, but hear in it nothing more than a sound and a shout. Deaf, dumb, blind, for they use not their reason and, hence, fail to attain good common sense.
[This is subhuman level of existence 7:179. ‘Unq = Shepherd’s call. Shepherd here pertains to religious leaders who have learned some meaningless words or tenets, and a herd of sheep is the masses that blindly follow them. Kufr embraces blind following in addition to denying or concealing the truth. Perceptual senses alone cannot distinguish human beings from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. It is the data processing or intellectual analysis that makes them distinct]

6.No Understanding
Surah 12
12:40 "Those whom you worship and obey besides Him, are but names that you have fabricated, you and your forefathers. God has revealed no Authority for them. All ruling belongs to God alone. And there is no Judge but He. He has commanded that you serve none but Him. That is the Right Religion. But most people are not aware of this fact or disregard it in practice."


7.Dogs and Cattle (cows and sheep that follow the shepherds without thinking)

Surah 7 verses 174-179
7:174 We explain Our verses in detail so that people turn toward the Book.
7:175 And tell them what happened to him whom Our messages were conveyed but he cast them off. Thus Satan (his selfish desire) overpowered him until he became of those who lose their way.
7:176 He could have raised himself in honour according to Our Laws, but he clung to the earth and followed his own desire. Therefore his likeness is as the likeness of a dog. Whether you pet him or scold him, he pants. Such is the example of nations that deny Our revelations. So, relate this narration that they may reflect. [If it had been Our Will = If so applied Our Laws. God’s Revelation lightens your burdens, while manmade dogmas burden you. 7:157]
7:177 Indeed, pitiable is the example of those who reject Our verses, since they hurt their own ‘selves’.
7:178 Whoever attains God’s Guidance according to His Laws is led right. And goes astray he who violates God’s Law of Guidance. [4:88]
7:179 Our Law has committed to Hell numerous people, rural and urban; they are living a life of Hell. They have hearts that they use not to understand. They have eyes with which they see not, and ears with which they hear not. They are like cattle. Nay, they are even worse. Such are the people who have chosen to live through life in total darkness of ignorance.

8. Braying of an ass [THE MULLAHS]
Surah 31
31:17 “O My dear son! Strive to establish the Divine System wherever you are, and advocate the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is contrary to the Permanent Values. And remain steadfast in the face of whatever may befall you by way of opposition and persecution. All this, behold, will require unwavering determination.”
31:18 “And never be arrogant with people, and walk not haughtily on the earth. Indeed, God does not love any bragging boaster. [17:37, 57:23]
31:19 “Walk humbly and subdue your voice. For, the harshest of voices is the voice of the donkey(braying of an ass)."

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