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A simple question.
By:Asif zaheer
Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2010, 4:22 pm

Salaam to all,
i want to put a small ques,with the following quote-
God:'i will protect the Quran'
bukhari:'just after the death of our prophet a goat ate one or some verses.
And the majority of the muslims say that both Quran and bukhari sarif are authenthic and correct,why they do not see the simplest and easiest contradiction,how could they do anything good for the planet.are not we disrespecting God.
My question is that why a vast majority of muslims is not seeing d difference,even a 8 yr child will say that the first statement is correct(bcoz it is God's statement -just a simple logic),but we are muslim and believe in God,Quran and his messengers and still we are not able to tell which one is correct,infact majority r accepting the 2nd as true without noticing that it nullifies the first and hence the whole Islam is nullified,then wat we r following? it is N2I.
Why we r not able to distinuis which statment is correct,it is so simple,wat happend to the muslims intellect??

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A simple question.
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