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Re: Vibrant Pakistan
By:Muhammad Rafi
Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2010, 6:33 pm
In Response To: Re: Vibrant Pakistan (Dr Shabbir)

A lot of people, including myself, strongly feel and know this fact, but the looters and exploiters and the illiterates (misguided by their ignorance) are on the forefront eating away this great land and its resources.Having spent some time with Musharraf in the early fifties when we lived in Jacob Lines, I am proud to have known him .As migrants we know what it means to be a Pakistani. I think Shaukat Aziz proved a failure as PM and Musharraf had to take the blame
Today when every leader claims to be a democrat conveniently forget how they were nirtured and patronized by army generals....Nawaz Sharif who does'nt tire of abusing Musharraf forgets his sponsored attack on the Supreme Court and eating away the 'Karz utaro Mulk sanwaro' donations of the nation.
The nation will have to suffer what it is doing today by supporting these wretched leaders.

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