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Re: Qur'an in focus
By:dana whitaker
Date: Wednesday, 10 February 2010, 11:51 pm
In Response To: Qur'an in focus (Moderators)

Bitter Politics? What do you define as bitter politics? The Quran and Allah teaches us to establish Justice Freedom and Equality on Earth. How do you do this by not focusing on the issues of the day? If we do not do work constructively to Establish Justice then our lives become trivial, likewise if we just focus on passages of Quran, but do not relate to our current existence The Quran becomes a dead Book instead of a living Book. The Quran is GOD's Book but we render it meaningless through our inaction and trivial pursuits. The System that we are faced with, that rules this planet is The System of White Supremacy. In order to establish Quranic Values which is every Muslim's Purpose, we must understand the Number Obstacle to Justice and that is The System of White Supremacy. If you decide to hide your face in the sand and attempt to hide like a frightened turtle you will remain as you are Pitiful and Pathetic as all Non-Whites are under this System of White Supremacy. If you are saying that the realities of life under White Supremacy are bitter and filled with Injustice then you are accurate. However if you do not focus on the challenges that we face today this post is meaningless.

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