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Re: We Americans Are Racists
By:Abby Starri
Date: Saturday, 6 February 2010, 7:10 am

Dear Brother,
This is the first time that I agree with you, my wife and have been voluntary work for the Christian Church, most of the people we help are Muslims in Italy. The management is well aware that we are Muslims; they have no problem with that, as they need us, due to the many languages that my wife and I can speak.
We argue (gently), that our religion is in many way the same as theirs (Christians), if they offend Our Creator in any way we show to them that it is not right to be blasphemous, if they are rude to our Muslim brothers or any other persons we take a stand to protect the poor person involved, without making a big fuss.
I agree with you, that there is far too much hatred towards Muslims first and then second to colour people, this is due to complete ignorance, what they do not realise is that the original colour of the skin was dark not light colour.
Each time that I see any kind of conflicts between people it breaks my heart, I have seen so much blood shed in Jaipur, India few months ago. You are right in assuming that a lot of misters BIG are behind all this, because they are greedy, while the one committing the act are usually doing that due to Greed or Ignorance.
My wife and I will continue to do our part in spreading the good word of our ONLY CREATOR, with good deeds, I hate any kind of wars, I hate any kind of armaments, we should learn to live in peace instead of trying to destroy the little that is left of this planet.
God bless you!

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Re: We Americans Are Racists
Abby Starri -- Saturday, 6 February 2010, 7:10 am