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Re: Prisoner No. 650
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Tuesday, 2 February 2010, 1:53 pm
In Response To: Re: Prisoner No. 650 (rumi)

True Stories;-

A young man was caught abroad with machine guns and rocket launchers in his car. He claimed they were planted by the police and he was only in the country to ‘learn Quran’. He managed to persuade the authorities he was telling the truth and they released him. What he did not reveal was that he had been recruited at home by a well known extremist who had shown him video after video of dead Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir etc. He had asked this young man why he was not helping his brothers. Why was he not undertaking Jihad? The young man readily agreed to military training abroad, where he was caught, but, thankfully, before he could do any damage.

Another young man was arrested elsewhere and he claimed he was only in the country for a family wedding. After being released he wrote a book which said that he had intended to go abroad to fight the ‘kafirs’ and during a police raid at a safe house he was arrested. His family back home went on a media campaign to free their ‘innocent’ son and no amount of false propaganda was used for this.

I am not going to comment on the lady mentioned above; I do not have sufficient evidence to do so, but the two cases show that everything is not always as it is made out to be. They had wanted to play ‘cowboys’ and ‘infidels’, but these ‘brave’ Jihadists turned yellow when caught and did not have the conviction that had been brainwashed into them.

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