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Vain Rituals are killing Muslims
By:Yuonis Siddique
Date: Friday, 29 January 2010, 11:28 am


All the salats with the required wudus and ablutions, fasting with accompanying nightly marathon taravih prayers, the all night nafil salats on special nights when sawab is much higher for each raka,, daily Quran recitations, Juma congregations and qutbas and naats, Muharram majlises, Islamic conferences, mehfil e milad e Nabi, recitations of duas, halaqas, darses, chillas, shabeenas, weeks long visits to Karbala, Ajmer, umras, visits to pirs, visit to dargahs, tombs of saints etc etc make Muslims the most time wasting people on religious rituals in the world.

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