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No Naqab and Veiling
By:Gulnar Begum
Date: Friday, 29 January 2010, 9:39 am

The position taken by Ourbeacon on Veiling is exactly what the great intellectual Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817-1898) had taken in the 19th century.

Muslim Women: Nothing In The Quran About It And Therefore The Clergy That Mandates Veiling Is In Error.

The women of my family influenced me by invoking the spirit of Islam which allows an individual to practice religion according to her own light.

In the context of my upbringing, when I examine the Supreme Court's observation on the burqa and voter ID cards, I find there is nothing inimical in it to the Quranic injunctions about a dress code for Muslim women...

In the Quran there are three references to dress code and none of them refers to the naqab, or veil...

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the great translator, commentator and interpreter of the Quran, has asked the reader again and again to look for meanings by going to the fountainhead (Siraj-eMunir) -- that is, the Quran itself -- instead of blindly following diktats of self-proclaimed experts. Because, he writes, Deen is easy; it has been made complicated by centuries of facile erudition. That being the case there is nothing in the Quran and therefore clerics that mandate veiling; the choice to do it is entirely an individual choice. Therefore to attribute this to Islam is to negate its true spirit.