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Re: prophecies
By:Dr Shabbir,
Date: Tuesday, 26 January 2010, 11:42 pm
In Response To: prophecies (sumaira)

Dear Sumaira,

When you look at the prophecies in all the books of Hadith and Tradition, they come to be thousands. One third of them come out true and people start clapping. The other two thirds that did not come to pass, the gullible try to slip them under the rug.

Prophet (S) was here to accomplish a great Mission and not to waste his time on gossip. Do you know that the Muhaddithin have attributed 1.4 million Ahadith to him? If he really narrated all these Ahadith, his entire life of less than 63 years would be too short for talking that much. And his prophetic office lasted less than 23 years.

Read those books yourself and you will know what I mean.

THE LAW OF PROPHECIES: Make 100 prophecies today and at least one third of them will come to be true in time.

Allama Shibli Na'mani, on page 27 of his Seeratun Nabi has given a startling quote of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (780-855 CE, d. 241 AH), "Three kinds of books are absolutely unfounded, Maghazi, Malahem and Tafseer.” (The exalted Prophet's Battles, Dreams and prophecies, and Expositions of the Qur’an).

Only One Example: One of the most famous prophecies attributed to the exalted Prophet brings a bad name to him.

It is stated that Rasulullah said that there would be no Roman emperor after this Heraclius (Harqul). [But the Roman emperors continued for centuries after him.]

RULE: No arguments with the ignorant.

25:63 The true servants of the Beneficent are those who walk upon earth humbly, and when the ignorant ones address them, they say, "Peace!" [3:138, 22:41, 31:17-18]

Powerful answer? Knowledge itself is power.

A lifelong student

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