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A History Of The Prophets - 3
By:*Dr Shabbir
Date: Friday, 22 January 2010, 12:44 pm

Dear friends,

A History Of The Prophets seems to end up as a mid-size volume. In-Sha-Allah, it will be a classic since such history strictly based on the Qur'an has not been written before. Readers are already finding it interesting and informative. Most importantly, it gives us clear etiology for the Rise and Fall of nations, squarely resting the responsibility on the masses and their leadership while narrating their faults - much to draw lessons from.

Please note again that this is only the initial draft. After editing and formatting, the results will be much better. I have some excellent editors available but in order to generate interest, I think anyone can volunteer their services as "Chief Editor, Editor, Associate Editor, Overview, Format and Proof-reading".

Noah’s basic message was for his people to acknowledge human equality, to obey the commands of God, and not of the influential elite, nor to blindly follow their priesthood and the ancestral traditions.

11:25 We sent Noah to his people and he declared, “Indeed, I come to you with a plain warning.”

11:26 “That you may serve none but God (and follow not the rampant traditions). I am afraid this trend is slowly taking you toward a day of an awful disaster.”

11:27 But the chiefs of his people, who were the foremost in rejection of the message said, “We see in you nothing but a man like ourselves. And we see that none has followed you except, quite obviously, the lowest among us. And we do not find in you all any merit over us. Nay, we think all of you are liars. [17:70]

11:28 Noah said, “O My people, think! What if I am taking my stand on clear evidence from my Lord? What if He has blessed me out of His grace of guidance? It is obscure to you because you are not seeing it through the eyes of reason. In any case, can we compel you to accept what is detestable to you?”

Like all succeeding prophets, Noah honestly told them he was only an ordinary mortal from among them. He neither was an angel nor possessed treasures from his Sustainer. He also denied having any knowledge of the Unseen or the future except what Allah might reveal to him.

7:59 We sent Noah to his people. He said, “O My people! Serve God (by serving His creation). You have no other god beside Him. (If you do not reform) I fear for you the retribution of an awesome day.”

11:31 “I never say to you that I have the Treasures of God. Neither do I claim knowledge of what is beyond human perception, nor do I say that I am an angel. I disagree with you, that my followers are the people of the lesser status. You claim that God will never give them His bounties, but He knows their true merit. I cannot be unjust to them.”

23:24 But the leaders in his community who refused to acknowledge the truth, said, "This is only a man like you who wants to become prominent among you. God would have sent angels if He willed (to convey a message to us). We never heard this from our forefathers.

Noah lived 950 years?!

29:14 And We sent Noah to his people and his message survived among his followers a thousand years less fifty. The flood overwhelmed them, for they were violators of human rights. [‘Noah lived among them 950 years’ alludes to the ancient texts which ascertained the age of a great man by the period his message survived]

Vested Interests of the 'Mutrifeen' (the wealthy exploiters):

29:15 And We saved him and his followers on the ship and We made this a lesson for all people.
Invariably, the first opponents of the prophets were the wealthy people, the priesthood and the great leaders of the nations since the Message struck at their vested interests and it preached the equality of all mankind.

7:60 The chiefs of his people said, "We see you in manifest error.”

7:61 Noah said, "O My people! There is no error in me. I am a Messenger from the Lord of the Worlds.

7:64 But they denied him. So, We saved him and those with him in the ship, and drowned those who denied Our revelations. They were a people blind in arrogance. [A great flood was about to come as revealed to Noah. He and his followers built an Ark. They were with him in belief and in the ship, so they were saved]

The adamant opponents faced the Divine Law of Requital and got drowned. Whenever Allah says, “We did it”, it means that communities faced the bitter consequences for opposing the unchanging Divine laws in the universe.

10:71 Relate to them the history of Noah. He said to his people, "O My people! If the stand I have taken and my reminding you of God’s revelations are an offense to you, well, I have put my trust in God. So, get together on a decisive plan, you and your partners. Let your course of action be clear to you. Then pass your sentence on me and give me no respite.” [Maqaami = My stand = My station = My location]

10:72 But if you turn away, I have asked of you no wage. My wage is with none but God. And I am commanded to be of those who submit (to Him).”

10:73 But, they persisted in their denial, and We saved Noah and his companions who boarded the ship, and made them successors in the land. (The deniers thought of the flood warning as a laughing matter. The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers flooded with torrential rains) and We drowned those who had rejected Our messages. See then what happened to those who had been given sufficient warning.

21:76 The same goes for Noah long before. He called on Us, and We saved him, his household and followers from the great distress of persecution.

21:77 We delivered him from the people who rejected Our commands. They were a people given to inequities and oppressing the weak and We caused all of them to drown.

Prophet Noah’s people seem to be the most ardent opponents and greatest oppressors of the weak ever. They were frank violators of human rights. This seems to be the only example in the Qur’an where a prophet becomes so dejected with his non-believing, hostile folk that he prays for their extinction for the reason given below. God had told him that no more people would accept the benevolent message.

71:26 And Noah said, "My Lord! Leave not any of these rejecters to dwell in this valley,

71:27 If you should leave them, they will mislead Your servants and they will only beget division and ingratitude.

71:28 My Lord! Grant me the protection of forgiveness and to my parents and whoever enters my house (the ideology of submission to One God) in faith, and to all the believing men and the believing women (of all times). And increase the oppressors in ruin for their violation of human rights." [Zaalimeen = Oppressors = Violators of human rights = Wrongdoers]

Notice that the salvage of Noah and his companions was no miracle. God had revealed to Noah that a tremendous storm and flood was at hand. His companions believed in him, hence, they took preventive action, built an ark and rode the flood to safety. The disbelievers, on the other hand, considered all warnings as empty threats.

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