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Date: Friday, 22 January 2010, 9:37 am

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

السلام عليکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ

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BrassTacks : The Real Quaid-e-Azam

“In this Special Episode of Brasstacks Mr. Zaid Hamid pays tribute to the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and puts an end to the baseless propaganda that Jinnah wanted a secular state.”

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Brave Pakistani Balochis (Shaheed Lt Safiullah Baloch) - Pakistan will remember you Forever!


Global Economic Terrorism (The biggest financial fraud of human history)



Special Report

A Balochi Beating India's Manmohan

This picture was taken recently in Chaman, the small Pakistani town on the border with southern Afghanistan. While the US and Indian media promote terrorism in the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan, a terror which is supported by US and Indian intelligence operatives using the Afghan soil, the reality on the ground is far from the image that American and Indian spinmasters wish to convey. [US think tanks are the latest entrants in the psy-ops against Pakistan, promoting the idea of the separation of resource-rich Balochistan from Pakistan.] The Indians and Karzai's intelligence, with tacit approval of CIA operatives in Afghanistan, have been luring young poor Pakistani Balochis to training camps in Afghanistan and brainwashing them to launch a wave of terror inside Pakistan in the guise of a separatist ethnic insurgency. As soon as US military and intelligence landed in Afghanistan, a long-dead terrorist group called BLA, created by the Soviet KGB in the 1970s, was brought back from the dustbin of history and reorganized. The Indians helped by bringing agents from India fluent in the Urdu language. These language experts were tasked with composing press statements and sending them to Pakistani media offices across Pakistan.

National News

Wise and timely decision as Pakistan army is already stretched and for clearing the South Waziristan the current operation needs atleast a year.

Pakistan snubs US over new Taliban offensive

Pakistan's army has said it will launch no new offensives on militants in 2010, as the US defence secretary arrived for talks on combating Taliban fighters. Army spokesman Athar Abbas told the BBC the "overstretched" military had no plans for any fresh anti-militant operations over the next 12 months. Our correspondent says the comments are a clear snub to Washington. The US wants Pakistan to expand an offensive against militants launching cross-border attacks in Afghanistan. Defence Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Pakistan on Thursday for his first visit since US President Barack Obama took office last year.

Securing South Waziristan could take a year: army

ISLAMABAD: Securing and stabilising the Pakistani Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan in the northwest tribal belt will take between six months and a year, the chief military spokesman said Thursday. Islamabad sent about 30,000 troops backed by fighter jets and helicopter gunships into battle in the lawless region bordering Afghanistan in October, and says they are making progress and militants are fleeing. Military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told reporters it would take “between six months to a year to completely stabilise” South Waziristan, which was needed before security forces opened up any new fronts.

Sportspersons are ambassadors of peace but Indians have shown their true biased face full of hate for Pakistan by Pakistani players regarding IPL. It was an insult aimed at entire Pakistani nation. When there is a question of Pakistan's pride we must be united and respond to India in a befitting manner.

MPs’ India visit called off

ISLAMABAD: The government has cancelled a planned parliamentary delegation’s visit to India, National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza told the house on Wednesday. She gave no reason for the cancellation about which she said she had been informed by the government. But the announcement came immediately after opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan announced the withdrawal of a lawmaker of his PML-N party, Ayaz Amir, from the delegation to protest against what he called humiliation of Pakistani cricketers by their exclusion from the third edition of the Indian Premier League this year. The opposition leader also said his party would not join any delegation visiting India in the future “until India changes its attitude” and called for a Pakistani ban on any “sports interaction” with India and a “complete ban” on showing Indian films in Pakistan.

After detailed verdict by SC over NRO, the sitting rulers are in deep hot waters.

Govt may file new petition against NRO verdict

ISLAMABAD, Jan 20: The government hinted in the National Assembly on Wednesday it could file another review petition after studying the Supreme Court’s detailed ruling against the controversial Musharraf-era National Reconciliation Ordinance, but dismissed opposition fears of a clash with the superior judiciary.

Gilani consulting legal experts on NRO judgment


Regional News

Indian arms build up is threatening regional peace. China should take note of Indian militirisation of Indian Ocean.

Indian Navy boosts its air fleet in $1.5 billion deal

NEW DELHI - The Navy has started a $1.5 billion overhaul of its ageing Soviet-era fleet of aircraft, seeking to boost its air power in an Indian Ocean region where a growing China is threatening its traditional dominance. The investment is one of the biggest the Indian Navy has made in recent years and reflects New Delhi's urgency to modernise its military, a move that rival Pakistan says could spark an arms build-up and destabilise an already roiled South Asia. India plans to buy 16 new MIG-29 fighter jets, half a dozen light combat aircraft, unmanned patrol planes and multi-role helicopters. The Indian Navy is also upgrading its Sea Harrier fighter jets, IL-38 maritime anti-submarine warfare planes and acquiring five Kamov KA-31 patrol helicopters.

America should share information with Pakistan instead of killing innocent Pakistanis in drone attacks on wrong information.

Greater intelligence sharing between Pak, US: Kayani

RAWALPINDI: The Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said that greater intelligence sharing between the security forces of Pakistan and the United States will help locate and target the Taliban network along the Pak-Afghan border. The army chief made this statement during his meeting with the visiting US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on Thursday.

Global News

The war on terror is costing Pakistan heavily. We can not bear the expenses of this war alone.

UK counter-terror spending 'ambitions' cut - minister

The government has admitted it will be spending "less than we had ambition to spend" on counter-terrorism projects in Pakistan due to the falling pound. But Foreign Officer Minister Chris Bryant told MPs the budget would still go up next year. He was making an urgent statement after fellow minister Lady Kinnock appeared to contradict a statement by PM Gordon Brown on counter-terrorism.
The Lib Dems said government policy in this key area was "shambolic". Mr Bryant acknowledged that the Foreign Office's budget had been hit by the falling value of the pound.

The innocent Muslim Pakistani woman is being tortured further by Zionist lobby. The lies of this lobby have been exposed on many accounts. Now even own FBI expert has confessed that there was no proof of the claim that Aafia had fire on US soldiers. May Allah protect the daughter of the nation.

FBI expert says Aafia's fingerprints not on the gun allegedly used by her

The second day of Aafia Siddiqui's trial on attempted murder charge was marked by conflicting versions given by government witnesses of the 2008 incident in Afghanistan, with an FBI expert saying on Wednesday he found no fingerprints on the rifle that she allegedly used to fire at US interrogators there. T. J. Fife, the FBI fingerprint expert who was put on the stand by the prosecution on the second day of Ms. Siddiqui's trial, said he used all techniques, including the top-of-the-line laser technology to search for evidence, but found nothing on the M-4 rifle, which was produced in the court. "There were no fingerprints on the rifle, but it is difficult to obtain them from firearms," he added.

Witnesses’ accounts differ at Dr. Aafia’s trial

KARACHI: The trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has taken a bizarre turn when a witness's testimony came out to be different from the one given by American official Captain Schnieder. Furthermore, an FBI agent testified that they did not find Dr. Aafia's finger-prints on the rifle. The US federal court in Manhattan heard Aafia Siddiqui and 5 other witnesses. Dr. Aafia told the court that she is being misrepresented by the prosecutor’s statement regarding the things she has said about America, that only negative thoughts are being portrayed. According to DawnNews’ correspondent in New York, Masood Haider, the court heard witnesses who saw the incident including an Afghan interpreter, Ahmed Gul who became a green card holder in 2009 and was processed by the American government and now lives in New York. Abdul previously claimed that he saw Dr. Aafia shoot at the US soldiers.

Recently the true face of Zionists have been exposed after the disclosure that US made weapons used in War in Iraq and Afghanistan are inscribed with Biblical references, proving the war in these countries is not against terrorism but crusades against Muslims in the modern world.

NZ army to remove Bible citations from US weapons
WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- New Zealand said Thursday that Biblical citations inscribed on U.S.-manufactured weapon sights used by New Zealand's troops in Afghanistan will be removed, saying they are inappropriate and could stoke religious tensions. The inscriptions on products from defense contractor Trijicon of Wixom, Michigan, came to light this week in the U.S. where Army officials said Tuesday they would investigate whether the gun sights - also used by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq - violate U.S. procurement laws.

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