Our Beacon Forum

By:*Dr Shabbir
Date: Wednesday, 20 January 2010, 11:32 pm

Respected Brothers and Sisters, Salamun alaikum!

This is how we started QXPi in 2001 on this forum, in full view of everyone around the globe.

"A HISTORY OF PROPHETS" is In-Sha-Allah going to be a classic. What you see now, please consider it only a rough draft, the foundation. The finished work will be very much better.

True, I can write this book (my 49th) alone. But your participation will make the work all the more elegant and useful.

Please do not hesitate to advise me and other friends directly on this forum.

Please post your observations on the forum:

- Any typos and errors.
- The format and flow.
- Any important things missing.
- Anything that should not be there.
- And what must be there.
- Any relevant verses from the Qur'an that I might have missed.
- Biblical accounts that are informative and/or interesting.
- Areas where the Qur'an corrects and heals the Bible on the subject.
- Corrections that the Qur'an makes in folklore, Hadith, the Bible and in poetic 'seasonings'.
- Any other ideas.

A good book passes through stages from Introduction to the End.

Your enthusiastic participation in this noble job will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

The Almighty is always there to reward our labor. HE IS THE MOST APPRECIATIVE OF ALL.

PS: There exists a conjecture-based, rather popular, book "QASAS-ul-ANBIA" (Stories of the Prophets) authored by Imam Imaduddin Abul-Fida Hafiz Ismail Ibn Kathir (d.1372) in Arabic and translated into Urdu by Abdul Aziz in the 19th century and many others. Maulana Makki Al Hijazi plagiarized the work with impunity in the 20th century in Urdu audio format. They are huge volumes comprising of imaginary history, very questionable Ahadith, irrationalities, outright forgery and comic imagination. They have almost nothing to do with the Authoritative, Authentic Qur'an. I read these in my teens and again many years later. They are a few of the numerous books that thankfully kept me away from the fictitious Number Two Islam :-)