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Re: Prophecies
Date: Saturday, 9 January 2010, 2:13 pm
In Response To: Prophecies (Imran)

Dear Imran,

Predictions made by Chinese some four thousand years or so years ago may have been more precise than a few ahadith. Same is true for their medicine, after all they are the nation with longest life spans. Should we start folowing their religion? Point is why we refuse to use our common sense when it comes to religion even though all it needs from us is that. This is it Allah needs us to think to ponder to make sense out of things and leave senseless behind. But thats exactly what hadith makers and followers don't want you to do. You know why because then they will not succeed in takking you away from the true message.
About gog magog ... Take a look at the last few hundred years only.. don't you think they have been here in one form or another, I mean the way they've been explained allegorically


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