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Norwegian newspaper reprints Prophet's cartoons
By:Chiragh Deen
Date: Friday, 8 January 2010, 8:19 pm

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/ worldnews/ europe/norway/ 6952568/Norwegia n-newspaper- reprints- Prophet-Mohammed -cartoons. html
Norwegian newspaper reprints Prophet Mohammed cartoons

Kurt Westergaard says he is in good spirits after attack. FOTO: AFP
The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten (http://www.aftenpos ten.no/) has reproduced the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Published: 5:11PM GMT 08 Jan 2010

They were used to illustrate an article about Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist whose home was broken into by an Islamist armed with an axe a week ago.

It printed six out of the 12 drawings that infuriated Muslims around the world when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten first published them in 2005.

Several of the drawings were seen as linking Islam and its revered prophet to terrorism and suicide bombings, with Westergaard' s cartoon showing him wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb.

On Jan 2, an axe-wielding 28-year-old man broke into Westergaard' s home screaming for "revenge" and "blood". Police - alerted by the cartoonist who had hidden in a panic room - shot and arrested him.

Aftenposten' s editor, Hilde Haugsgjerd, said it seemed "natural and justified to republish the artistic and journalistic body of work that is likely the cause of this violence".

Aftenposten first published copies of the cartoons in 2005 but did not join newspapers in many other countries when they reprinted in 2006 some or all of them, citing freedom of expression.

Angry crowds demonstrated across the Muslim world, leaving dozens of people dead in riots and causing damage to Danish embassies and the country's export trade due to boycotts.

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