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Your vantage point
By:Naushad P.
Date: Friday, 8 January 2010, 9:00 am

Dear Dr. Saab,

Salamun Alaikum.
From a personal point view, I find Mr.Badar/Kanwar's attempts confusing and misleading. At the same time, I do not have the linguistic expertise of either arabic or the differences between the common arabic and the quraish dialect. Hence your judgement on this is better than my feelings. Based on what I know, Edward W. Lane compiled the lexicon in Egypt. He had reached till Qaf in his compilation when he died. After him, his nephew completed his work. Since he never lived among the people speaking the quraish dialect, his lexicon does not capture it. Arabic as a language, in Egypt, would have undergone some degree of change by the time he started to compile his work, as compared to the 7th century. However, it still remains an authoritative work on the language. With this background, since you know both the common arabic and the quraish dialect, I feel I can satisfy my student curiosity through these queries:

- Dr. Badar/Kanwar is trying to redefine the word Allah. Do you agree with him?
- What in his work makes you feel that he is on the right course or that he deserves encouragement?
- He is basing his work on Lane's lexicon, possibly trying to include all available meanings in his interpretation. In your opinion, is his understanding/interpretation in line with the quraish dialect?
- Are there any changes in the next edition of QXP, which can be attributed to Dr. Badar's work (or tangentially influenced by it)?

These questions are genuinely out of curiosity. I am trying to understand things from your vantage point.


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Your vantage point
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