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Re: The Baby Jesus
By:*Dr Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 5 January 2010, 4:26 pm
In Response To: The Baby Jesus (Jawaid Ahmed)

Dear Jawaid Saheb,

Thank you for your extra-ordinary posts, enlightening, pleasing, and sorting out the grain from husk!

Your humor keeps us engrossed, highlighting the Truth at the same time.

If we accept Bukhari et al (1.4 million Ahadith in Sahah Sittah and related books), it would appear that the exalted Prophet was doing nothing but telling stories from dawn to dusk all 23 years of his life as a prophet. The Divine Revelation, its conveyance and implementation, the 82 battles in self-defense, establishing the noble State of Madinah, its governance, judgment of disputes, peace treaties, tackling the two super-powers of the time, family life, all become a dream.

More importantly, when did he do this?

3:164 God has done a great favor to the believers that He has sent a Messenger from amongst them, who conveys to them His messages (and establishes the System) enabling them to grow in humanity, and imparts to them the law and the wisdom behind it. Before, they were in manifest error.

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