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Re: Shia/Sunni Mosque
By:*Dr Shabbir
Date: Sunday, 3 January 2010, 12:47 pm
In Response To: Shia/Sunni Mosque (shahalam)

My dear brother Shah Alam,

Well-rested now, Al-Hamdulillah I feel fine and my first post goes in your honor.

You are quite right. There is no room for sectarianism in Islam. And the Light you mentioned, can emanate from the Glorious Book alone.

72:18 Know that all Masjids (and temples of worship) are for God. So, do not call upon anyone along with God.

[Masjid = Mosque = Places of worship = Collective acts of submission = Ways of adoration = Obedience of Divine Commands = Centers of administering the Divine System. Adoration, prostration, submission are due to God alone. 9:17]

30:31 Turn to Him alone then, and be mindful of Him, and establish the Divine System and be not of those who commit SHIRK (ascribe ‘partners’ to Him), [2:213]

30:32 Those who split up their religion becoming sects, each sect delighting in whatever beliefs they have. [3:104, 6:160, 23:53, 42:13. Sectarianism is invariably based on taking humans as ‘authorities’]

6:159 O Messenger! Those who break the unity of their Deen and become sects, you have nothing to do with them whatsoever. Their case will go to God and He will then tell them what they had been doing.

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