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Islam in Sri Lanka - Khadheeja Sudarshani
By:Anver Manatunga, Colombo
Date: Saturday, 2 January 2010, 12:17 am

A story of Lady Da’ee – Sister: Khadheeja Sudarshani

She is a lady from a remote village from down south. She is sixth member of the strong Buddhist family of ten. She did her Advance Level examination is science stream. She missed by few marks to enter the university although she was already got through her Buddhist Dharmacharya (Master in Theosophical held by Ministry of Buddhism) exam. And she was teacher of Buddhist philosophy and Pali language in Sunday school of the temple.

She came to Colombo for the employment. Though she lived in a Sinhala Buddhist environment, she happend to know about Muslims after she visited Colombo. Her first employment was in an office of strong Muslim political party.

While she was working here she had an interest about Islam. At this juncture she moved to Malaysia to persue a course there. Here she embraced Islam and followed a course in Islam (Al Muslimah) at Regional Islamic Da’wah Council of South East Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP – Malaysia). After completing her course she return back home. Everybody in the family aware of her conversion except her father.

Then occurred a turning point in her life. One day she was offering her salah at her place her father happened to noticed it and he questioned “what was she did” then she replied “I was offering prayer to Almighty ALLAH.” Since he is a strong Buddhist he could not take it up the matter he severely beaten her. Father insist her revert back to Buddhism. She told “even if you kill me I would not.” So he chased her from the house so she came to Colombo. Fortunately she got an employment in a Islamic centre in Colombo. She taught Islam for new Muslims.

While she was working here she tried to visit home. Though her father agreed to her wish to see her family members with one condition that is to she should visit without her head scarf. Due to this she could not visit her sick mother for more than four years.

She got a break to follow a course in Quran in Malaysia (RISEAP). She was a only person in Sri Lanka who had followed this course. After her return Malaysia she married to a Da’ee. She thought could continue the same path once you marry such a person. Now she is a mother of a baby girl.

She is the one of the most experience lady Da’ee in Sri Lanka. She had been appointed as Secretary by Brother: Anver Manatunga, DAWAH CORNER - SRI LANKA and YAHAMAGA Islamic monthly news paper.

Her immediate wish is to inaugurate a ladies Da’wah wing. We hope you will extend your fullest co-operation for her future Da’wah activities in Sri Lanka.
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