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Re: Jesus was a prophet
By:dana whitaker
Date: Friday, 1 January 2010, 6:11 pm
In Response To: Jesus was a prophet (Al Steel)

The Bible is based on hadith; so-called sayings of the Prophets. Where are the Original Documents? The Oldest copies are in Greek. The people of Bible Spoke Aramaic and various African Dialects. These people were African in Origin so how is it that Jesus who was African can have 11 Disciples all with White English Names; Matthew Paul Luke etc...?! Then the only one with name linked to the Region was a traitor named Judas? The Bible that is most popular is The King James Version; who was a Sick Homosexual; so how can we trust this version? It is best not to even deal with the book. How does Jesus really impact our lives today? Jesus and what he really taught is not understood. Jesus was a Revolutionary who fought for Change in Society and fought against Man-Made Religious Traditions. His ideals of a Just Society based on God's Laws must be focused on not the man. Men live and die but their message from GOD is what is Eternal.

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