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Abul Kalam Azad was half Hindu
By:Afsara Sheikh
Date: Friday, 1 January 2010, 5:31 pm
In Response To: Abul Kalam Azad (arif kapadia, India)

From Special Adviser on World History, Islam & Comparative Religion, Member, Advisory Council. LLD, D.Lit, History, Religion And Comparative Religion, Dr Afsara Sheikh, Oxford University UK, currently at China Embassy.

Dear brother Kapadia,

No one knows the future but Allah. Before going to the verses below please know that Mullah Abul Kalam Azad preached non-Qur'anic themes. For example,

- He praised Bhagt Kabeer for saying "Jamna aik ghaat bahtairay, kahat Kabeer, samajh kay phairay." (Jamna is one and many are the sites along its banks, meaning that God is one but there are different religions to approach Him, whether Islam or Hinduism.)

- He wrote in his Tarjumanil Qur'an that Ram and Rahim are one and the same.

- He wrote in his tafsir that good teachings are found in all religions, therefore choosing any religion is alright.

Brother, have you read Ramayna?

Abul Kalam also promoted Brahmu Samaji Islam (a mixture of Hinduism and Islam).

31:34 With God alone rests the knowledge of the Hour. He is the One Who sends down rain, and He alone knows what is (being nourished) in the wombs. No one knows what he or she will reap tomorrow, and no one knows in what land (circumstance) he or she will die. God is Knower, Aware.

[Hour = The Great Revolution = Resurrection = Day of Judgment. Rain = Also alludes to resurgence of humanity. What is in the wombs = What is being nourished therein = In the wombs of any female creatures = Fate of the embryo = Spurious pregnancy = Uterine tumors, moles etc. Reap tomorrow = What one does or happens to him in the future]

3:179 God will not leave the believers as you are, until He distinguishes what is evil from what is good. But God will not let you know the secrets of the Unseen. God chooses His Messengers to receive knowledge of the Unseen as He wills. So, believe in God and His Messengers. If you believe and do right, yours will be a great reward. [The believers will stand out not only in their convictions but also in their decent manners of life and the hypocrites will no longer remain hidden. 47:29-30, 72:26-27]

72:26 Knower of the Unseen (and the future), and He makes known to none His secret,

72:27 Except as He wills to a Messenger whom He has elected, and to him He reveals from the past and the future, and ensures that the revelation is guarded. [God Himself guards the Perfected Final revelation, hence no more apostles will come. Al-Qur’an is now the Messenger for all times.15:9]

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