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Re: Some questions (Prophet's wives and slaves) -1
By:Dr Shabbir *
Date: Saturday, 26 December 2009, 4:16 pm

Respected Sister Safiyyah, Salamun alaikum!

You have some excellent questions. Allow me to answer them in stages as below:

S = Safiyyah

SH = Dr Shabbir

S: By way of introduction, ......

SH: I relish the coincidence and feel honored at your presence.

S: I have lately been suffering from some crises of faith. I waiver between sincerely loving many things which initially drew me to Islam, to seeing some things I don't agree with and trying to push those two things together. I have heard of "hadith rejecters" before and I have come across some that didn't persuade me, so I'm a little hesitant to be here. Ultimately I may decide not to join your movement, as I decided not to join the Ahmadis as well (although they appealed to me). But I hope in spite of my uncertainty I may ask a question or two as the thought arises.

SH: I think, '...some crises of faith. I waiver between...' is a great sign. This happens only to those who think and reflect.

I call myself a lifelong student and sincerely think so.

We are not "hadith rejecters". I would accept any Hadith that agrees with the Qur'an and is not irrational.

Please never feel hesitant since all viewers here are students.

This is not a movement. Ourbeacon only offers books, this website, exchange of thought and Q & A.

S: I've read around a bit, but please forgive me if I have not seen a post which would answer the questions I would like to ask.

SH: Please ask any questions you want. This is your forum as much as anyone else'.

S: First of all, I have read enough to know that I see you don't believe in concubinage and that you assert that polygamy is only allowable in certain strictly defined circumstances. How do you regard the prophet's multiple marriages and also his reported relationship with Maria the Copt, who could only be described as a concubine (as far as I know, a "gift," and never housed normally with the other wives)? Second, isn't there a verse which says that men are allowed to have sex with slaves (that they must protect their chastity except with their wives and who their right hand possesses or something of this nature)?

SH: The first Muslim history was written by "Imam" Tabari who died 300 years after the exalted Prophet. He wrote everything on hearsay as he admits. Please read my next post for details about Tabari, the exalted Prophet's multiple wives and about Maria the Coptic.

MA MALAKAT AYIMANUKUM does not mean 'what your right hands possess'. It is a past tense meaning 'those who are already yours'. Husbands and wives already belong to each other by way of marriage.

S: (that they must protect their chastity except with their wives and who their right hand possesses or something of this nature)?

SH: 24:33 Let those who cannot find a match keep chaste until God grants them sufficiency out of His bounty. If any of the male and female servants (slaves) desires a deed of emancipation, write it for them ensuring bountiful good for them by way of rehabilitation. Give them from God's wealth that He has bestowed upon you. You shall not hinder, for worldly gains, your maidservants from guarding their chastity through marriage. If anyone forces them, then to them, after their being compelled, God will be Forgiving, Merciful.

[The already established Divine System will protect them and take full care of their mental and physical needs. 4:5-6, 53:38. The distortion of this verse by ancient “Islamic” Muhadditheen and Jurists, and even by today’s Mullahs, is most deplorable. Male and female slaves were being emancipated systematically in the Islamic State of Madinah. But the "Imams" maintain that the slaves had to sign a deed of emancipation stating that they would pay a mutually agreed sum of money to their ‘masters’ in order to attain freedom. The ancient “Imams” Abu Daud, Tirmidhi et al aside, even the 20th century Mullahs like Maududi call it ‘Makaatibah’ (de facto paying the 'master' to achieve freedom. See Maududi’s tafsir of 24:33). How could a full time slave earn this money? These criminals of humanity cannot see that, apart from many other verses ordaining emancipation, this verse is clearly ordering the ‘master/owner’ to pay the slave for rehabilitation. He or she could then use their skills, work honorably and start living as free citizens of the society. Obviously, this distortion is a horrendous crime, and it is a frank violation of the Benevolent Qur'an as we have seen in 24:33]

S: Also, I would appreciate if someone could direct me to your interpretations of the infamous "kill them wherever you find them" verse. I don't really have any problem with this as it has been adequately explained by regular Muslim apologists to me, but I thought you might have a unique interpretation.

SH: Respected Sister, everywhere in the Qur'an you will find that Muslims have been commanded to abstain from aggression. They are only permitted to fight in self-defense. One situation of self-defense will be when the enemy violates peace treaties and suddenly attacks them.

2:190 (All mankind should agree upon and mark their calendars for four months of peacetime, the 12th lunar month of Pilgrimage to the third month. However, following of the Divine System of Life will meet with harsh opposition.) So, fight in the cause of God those who wage war against you, but do not commit aggression. GOD DOES NOT LOVE AGGRESSORS.

[2:194, 2:217, 4:91, 9:5, 9:36, 22:39, 60:8. Four months (2:194) of no wars in the world will train people toward achieving restraint and permanent peace for all. Mu’tadeen = Transgressors = Aggressors = Those who cross limits]

2:191 Subdue them regardless of their tribal affiliations, and drive them out of where they drove you out. For, persecution, (terror, torture, oppression) is a crime more grievous than killing. Do not fight against them near the Masjid of Security (a haven of amnesty) unless they attack you therein. But if they attack you there, then you shall fight against them. Such is the recompense for those who reject (the Standard of Peace).

[Haith = Wherever = Whenever. Thaqif = Find out = Come to know. So, fight them regardless of their tribal or socio-geographic origins. The Masjid of Security in Makkah must be a safe Sanctuary, a model of amnesty, and a Meeting point for all mankind. 2:125, 2:144-148, 3:96, 5:2, 5:97, 9:18, 22:25-28, 48:25. Qatl = Kill = Bring low = Subdue = Fight = Attack = Slay = Strike = Defend]


9:1 Freedom from obligation is proclaimed from God and His Messenger towards those of the Pagans with whom you had made a treaty. [The treaties that the believers had signed with the idolaters of the Arabian Peninsula, no longer remain valid, since they have repeatedly violated them. 9:4]

9:2 (O Idolaters, who have repeatedly violated the peace treaties!) Travel freely in the land for four months, and know that you cannot escape God, and that God will bring disgrace to the rejecters of the truth. [Four months of peacetime, see 9:36. The Central Authority will subdue the aggressors]

9:3 And a proclamation from God and His Messenger is herewith made to all mankind on this day of the Greatest Pilgrimage (9th day of the 12th lunar month, Zil-Hajjah). God disowns the idolaters, and so does His Messenger. So, if you repent, it will be better for you. But if you turn away from repentance, then know that you cannot escape God. (O Messenger) give tiding of an awful retribution to those who are bent upon opposing the truth,

9:4 Except those idolaters with whom you have a treaty and they have not subsequently failed you, nor have they helped others against you. You shall fulfill your treaty with them until their term. God loves those who are mindful of His laws. [9:3-5]

9:5 When the four Sacred Months are over (and if the idolaters are still aggressing, neither becoming law-abiding citizens of the State, nor emigrating), subdue them whichever tribe they may belong to. Take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them ambush. But if they repent from aggression, and help in the consolidation of the Divine System and in setting up the Economic Order of Zakaat, then leave their way free. Surely, God is Forgiving Merciful (so shall you be).

[The four Sacred Months forbidden for any warfare: From the 12th month, Zil-Hajjah up to the 3rd month, Rabi'ul Awwal 2:193-195, 9:36]


9:6 (O Messenger) if anyone of the idolaters seeks your protection or a safe passage, grant him protection from the State. Convey to him the Word of God, and then escort him to where he feels safe and secure. This kindness on your part is mandatory because they are people who do not know (and have not yet seen the beauty of the Divine System).

Thanks for reading!

(Contd in the next post :-)

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