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Re: homosexuality
Date: Saturday, 26 December 2009, 1:21 am
In Response To: Re: homosexuality (Dr Shabbir)

''36:36 Glory to Him Who has created pairs of everything that the earth grows, and of themselves, and of things they have no knowledge yet. [This discovery of all things existing in pairs earned the British physicist Paul Dirac the Nobel Prize in 1933]

The verse does not say that Allah has created pairs of men and women with abnormal psyche and behavior. ""

- viii And that He it is Who creates the two companions, the male and the female (pairs and opposites among His creation),

And all things We created in pairs and in opposites (such that one complements the other), so that you may reflect.

Do not keep uttering in falsehood, “This is lawful and this is unlawful”, thus inventing lies against God. Those who fabricate lies against God, fail to prosper in their ’selves’

""Finally, sex is not something indispensable to life. You can live without it"". Christians want celibacy for priests. Watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZJvUPZhYkw&feature=PlayList&p=DFDB2A3BAA87E96D&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=66

Another reason why islam permits our clergy to get married.

"4:16 If the two of you spread such immorality or lewdness in the society, punish both of them (as determined by the appropriate court of law). But if they repent and mend their ways, leave them alone. God is the Acceptor of repentance, Merciful. [This verse includes homosexuality, male and female, also a heterosexual couple committing lewdness in public] ""

Why not lash the hindus, buddshist, athiests and agnostics for fornication even if they wanna get married. After all they are not islamic marriages. Denying same sex marriages and then condenming them is another double standard stuff. No right minded individual will have sex in public.

A growing number of religions have started including homosexuality. One example,

Freedom of religion in granted in Islam(From dr.shabbir's blog. skip it if you have read it)

""Remember that the Qur’an prescribes absolutely NO worldly punishment for change of religion.

Some Qur’anic verses about freedom of religion: 2:148, 2:193, 2:256, 4:88, 5:48, 6:104, 6:107-108, 7:177-178, 10:99, 12:108, 18:29, 22:39-40, 27:80-81, 39:41, 56:79, 73:19.

2:148 Each one has a goal toward which he turns. Then strive together toward all that is good. Whatever stand you take, God will bring you all together. Indeed, God is Able to do all things.

2:193 So, fight them (the aggressors) only until there is no more harassment and Religion may be adopted for the sake of God alone.

2:256 There is absolutely no compulsion or coercion in Religion.… [2:148, 2:193, 2:256, 4:88, 5:48, 6:104, 6:107-108, 7:177-178, 10:99, 12:108, 18:29, 22:39-40, 27:80-81, 39:41, 56:79, 73:19]

4:88 Then, how could you be of two minds about the hypocrites, seeing that God has disowned them because of their own guilt? Can you guide anyone against God’s law? Do you seek to find a way of enlightenment for those who violate God’s laws of guidance?

[The Law: Using the faculties of perception and reasoning, keeping an open mind - and freedom from prejudice, arrogance, and blind following will help people to recognize the truth. 2:148, 2:193, 2:256, 4:88, 5:48, 6:104, 6:107-108, 7:177-178, 10:99, 12:108, 18:29, 22:39-40, 27:80-81, 39:41, 56:79, 73:19]

5:48 …. For each community among you We have appointed certain rites and a traced-out way. If God had willed, He could have made you all one single community. But He decided to let you test yourselves by what (potentials) He has granted you. So, outdo one another in doing good to the society. To God you will all return, and He will then make you understand wherein you differed.

6:104 Say (O Prophet), “The manifest Enlightenment has come to you from your Lord. Whoever sees the truth, does so for his own good. And whoever turns blind, hurts himself. I am not your keeper or guardian.”

6:107 We could have created all people without free will and they would then not associate any partners with Him. (But guidance has been distinguished from straying 2:256.) And We have not appointed you as their guardian, nor are you responsible for them.

6:108 (O Believers) Do not insult the idols they set up besides God. They might insult God in their ignorance and hurt themselves. To every community We have made their deeds seem fair. Then to their Lord is their return and He will explain to them exactly what they used to do.

7:177 Evil as an example are the people who reject Our verses, since they hurt their own ‘self’.

7:178 Whoever attains God’s Guidance according to His laws is led right. And goes astray he who violates God’s law of guidance. [4:88]

10:99 If your Lord willed, all who are on earth, would have believed. Would you then, compel people to become believers?

12:108 Say (O Prophet), “This is my way. Resting my call upon reason, I am calling you all to God, I and those who follow me. Glory to God! And I am not one of those who ascribe divinity in any form besides Him.” [We do not invite through blind faith, vague dogmas or by stunning your intellect with miracles]

18:29 And proclaim, “This is the truth from your Lord. Whoever accepts it let him accept it, and whoever rejects it, let him reject it.” ….

Protect all temples:

22:39 Permission to fight is granted to those against whom war is wrongfully waged. God is Able to support them.

22:40 Those who have been evicted from their homes unjustly, for no reason other than saying, “Our Lord is God!” For, if God had not enabled some people to repel others, Temples, Monasteries, Churches, Synagogues, and Masjids, where the Name of God is oft-mentioned, would have been destroyed. And God will certainly help those who help Him. God is Mighty, Powerful.

27:80 But you cannot make the dead (or the “living-dead”) hear, nor can you make the deaf of heart to hear the call when they turn back to retreat.

27:81 Nor can you lead the blind of reason out of their error. You can only make those hear who believe in Our signs, so they submit.

39:41 (O Prophet) We have revealed to you this Book expounding the truth for all mankind. Then whoever chooses guidance benefits his own ‘self’. And whoever chooses to be lost, he strays only to his own detriment. You are not a custodian over them, nor can you determine their fate.

56:79 This is a Book that none but the pure of mind can grasp.

73:19 This Qur’an is a reminder, a giver of eminence. So, whoever wills, let him set out on a way to his Lord.""( all from Dr.Shabbir's blog)

Another example of how a christian marriage is diffrent from a islamic marriage

1. Christianity frowns on divorces whereas Islam permits. A must watch video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvZiEISdeh4
2. Christianity wants celibacy for clergy and we have seen consequences of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZJvUPZhYkw&feature=PlayList&p=DFDB2A3BAA87E96D&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=66

3. Lastly Islam also permits polygamy under certain conditions as Dr.Shabbir pointed out but Christianity prohibits.

As my brother Hicham pointed out that the procedure for an Islamic marriage is different in different cultures, this points out that there is not stricts rules for an islamic marriage. As dr.Shabbir pointed out some suras for wedding,

"Respected brother, AA

You may choose some of these verses. Congratulation to the entire family on this joyous occasion!

2:187----. They (your wives) are your garments and you are their garments - close to each other, source of mutual comfort, complementing each other, trustworthy and keepers of privacy, reason for décor, and redressers of faults….

2:223 Remember that women in the society are the guardians of your future generations, just as a garden keeps the seeds and turns them into flowering plants. So, whenever you meet with women socially, treat them with respect, keeping the aforementioned principle in mind. This conduct will go a long way to insure the betterment of the future generations. Send forth good today for the sake of tomorrow. Be mindful of God and know that you will, one day, face Him. O Messenger! Give good news to the believers. [Nisaa = Women, not wives]

2:228 ----. Women, in all equity, have rights similar to men. ---

4:24 ---. All other categories are permitted for you in marriage, with mutual consent, as confirmed by giving her a generous marital gift or dowry. You shall seek them in honest wedlock and let marriage be a fortress of chastity for the husband and wife. You shall maintain morality and go not near adultery (17:32). You like to marry women for a better quality of life, so give them their portions as a duty. And there is nothing wrong in adjusting the sum with mutual agreement after the duty has been done. These laws are given to you by God, the Knower, the Wise.

25:74 And those who say, "Our Lord! Grant us that our spouses and children be the comfort of our eyes (that they excel in character). And let us be an excellent pattern for the righteous.

30:21 And among His signs is this: He created for you mates from yourselves, so that you might find comfort in them. And He ordained between you love and kindness. In that are signs for those who reflect. [Azwaaj = Husband + Wife, that are mates to, and complement, each other’s personality] ""

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