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Re: homosexuality
Date: Thursday, 24 December 2009, 7:12 pm
In Response To: Re: homosexuality (Mubashir)

Asalam Aleikum.

Has anyone ever read of theories stating certain sexualities can be classified as "diseases" or even that you are born with a certain sense of sexuality? (gender aside).

What if science in the future states sexualities such as homosexuality, bisexuality or even more extreme cases such as "SM" or pedophilia as a disease?
(note i am not comparing the more common sexualities such as homosexual or the likes to the more extreme cases.)

Point being, if such sexualities are indeed something you are born with.
Then what?

same-gender sex has been around since the ancient greek.

What would a person do if he was born in such a manner?
(all assuming that if the theory is true, then what?
one could argue how the verse 36:36 should be interpreted?
I am not questioning your translation Dr. Shabbir, simply stating that its meaning may not fully be understood just yet.)

Naturally i am unsure if there is a verse in the Qu'ran that explicitly forbids same sex intercourse.
Which then... there'd be no reason to answer any of the above.. :p

However assuming that it is forbidden and also a born condition.
Being forbidden to "love" one another your entire lifespan earth... i can scarcely imagine..

There is still so much we do not know of the human brain.
Truly it is one of Allahs most wondrous piece of art.

Best Regards
- A novice in a long road of learning.

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