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Call unto Me and I shall respond to you
By:Abby Starri
Date: Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 1:58 pm

What a wonderful and simple illustration from my Wonderful Creator. My Dear GOD clearly tell me to CALL and I shall get a response. This few words reflect the availably of My Master, I have never been let down once, but I find that my requests are few, as I find the answers mostly of the times in THE BOOK.
I am certain that always a reason persist if ever one of my request is not granted, I do not have to ask twice, I just accept the rejection and I am certain that it had a very valid reason why it would not be granted.
I do not believe that it is up to the individual to pray (should be make contact with GOD) 5 times a day and at night. I believe that I should be in continual contact with GOD. For me to pray GOD five times a day, using a standard format prayers and adopting specifically designed body movements is not appealing at all. I always bow dawn in respect to my ONLY MASTER, I speak to my ONLY MASTER as I would speak to my very best friend (not just using a standard format prayer) and I would never consider to let my Master down with false promises. I do not FEAR my ONLY MASTER but I have total RESPECT.
My Master has without any possible doubt sent the LAST Message (just consider the many scientific information incorporated in the LAST BOOK (dictated more than 1400 years ago)). In the BOOK I can find an answer for all my needs, including a clear indication to what will happen to me once I depart from this life.
40:60 Your Lord has said, "Call unto Me and I shall respond to you. (Whenever you need guidance, turn to My Laws in the Qur'an and you will find an answer). Verily, those who are too proud to serve Me, will enter Hell, disgraced."