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Re: 1st Muharram 1431 on Sat 19 Dec 2009
By:Astronomer Khalid Viqai
Date: Sunday, 20 December 2009, 11:09 am
In Response To: 1st Muharram 1431 on Sat 19 Dec 2009 (Sultan Alam)

Dear Dr Sultan Alam / Dr Khalid Shaukat and other Astronomers

Assalamu Alaikkum W R W B

Received Dr Sultan Alam's mail about start of Muharram 1431.

The Supreme Judiciary of Saudi Arabia is following the present Ummul Qura calendar which is neither Islamic nor scientific. They are calculating the lunar months based on sun set and moon set difference of Makkah. They believe that the sun set of Makkah is the end of the day! How can the week days change at Makkah? They want the Muslim world to accept this false lunar calendar as the Islamic calendar. Such falsehood will never be accepted by Muslim Ummah.

How did the Supreme Judiciary announce the first of Muharram 1431H as Friday? Actually Muharram has begun on Thursday. They did not know that they had gone wrong in Ramadan, Shawwal, Zul quida and Zul hijja in spite of several requests asking them to correct the wrong dates.

They believe that the lunar dates will change according to the whims of the people while the Gregorian dates cannot change even if the whole world so desire. So the calendar of Allah can be interfered and the man-made calendar cannot be interfered !!!!! How wonderful is the judgment of the Supreme Judiciary of Saudi Arabia? Do they think that they will not be prosecuted in the court of the Almighty in the Day of Judgment?

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) ordered to see the moon and fast and to see the moon and break fast. How did they see the moon? Now we are living in a world where every movement of the moon is being recorded. People cannot tell lies. They will be caught red handed. Do they not know that man has succeeded in reaching the moon and coming back from there?

The Hilaal becomes visible only on the first day of the month after sun set. It is never seen to the naked eye on the last day of the month. Then how can they begin the month on the right day if they waited to see the Hilaal in order to begin the month? Have they not been able to know this through all these centuries of moon sighting? Has anyone ever seen the Hilaal on the last day of the month?

Certainly the Supreme Judiciary does not see the Hilaal as ordered by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). They began fasting on Saturday whereas Ramadan had begun on Friday (21st Aug 2009). They fasted on the Day of Eidul fitre Saturday (19th Sep 2009). Ramadan had only 29 days from Friday to Friday. They made a mistake in Shawwal and Zul quida too and ended up in changing the day of Arafat in spite of the special order of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) not to change it.

The world witnessed the Hilaal of Zul hijjah on Tuesday (17th Nov 2009) the first of Zul hijjah. The last waning crescent was witnessed on Tuesday (15th Dec) the 29th of Zul hijjah. No crescent was seen on Wednesday the 30 of Zul hijjah. Muharram began on Thursday (17th Dec ) after completing 30 days to Zul hijjah. Shariah does not demand seeing of the Hilaal once a month gets 30. Only Shia demands that.

Saudi Government has published un-islamic calendars from 1420 to 1450H and they want to establish that it is the Islamic calendar. Almighty Allah SWT is not unmindful of the tricks of the people. What are the astronomers including you are doing? As astronomers they must know how to calculate the lunar months accurately.

The Saudi always tell the lie that they begin the months after seeing the Hilaal. But we have recorded many occasions when the Saudi officials announced the Hilaal when the moon had already set in Saudi Arabia. How did they begin Shaban on Thursday without seeing the Hilaal on Wednesday which was according to their calendar 29th? Who saw the Hilaal on Wednesday 22-7-2009?

Dear Astronomers !!! Please reply to this.

Many people in different parts of the world have witnessed the last waning crescent on the morning of Tuesday (15th Dec) the 29th of Zulhijjah. What happens to the moon after that? The moon was about 15 degrees away from the sun that morning. Does the moon stop after that not to appear on the next day (Wednesday) evening? Dr. Sultan Alam !!!!You cannot be ignorant of this. If the astronomers hide the truth certainly Allah will deal with them.

Dr. Sultan Alam! You have announced that the Muhhrram starts on Saturday in Pakistan. How can an astronomer do such unwise things as looking for the waxing crescent on the last day of lunar month? The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) has never done it and they began the month on the right day. The old Tafsirs say that the first waxing crescent becomes visible only on the first day of the lunar month. Then how can you begin the lunar month on the first day if you are waiting for the waxing cerescent before beginning the month?

Hilaal sighting is a pure Bid'ah and all bid'ah lead people to Hell. Yesterday (Friday) we have observed the hilaal. It was about 20 degrees high at the sunset. certainly Friday was the second day of Muharram 1431H. Please correct your wrong date.

The conjunction occurred on Wednesday 16-12-2009 at 12:02 hrs UT. It is the day when moon and sun are in the same manaazil. The following day Thursday can no more be included in Zulhijjah because the moon has begun the new cycle on Wednesday. Certainly Thursday belongs to Muharram.

I am giving below the data from Nautical Almanac:

Date Moon Age % of Illumination

13th Dec 27 9%

14th Dec 28 4%

15th Dec 29 1%

16th Dec 30 0%

17th Dec 1 1%

18th Dec 2 4%

19th Dec 3 8%

Can any astronomer deny these data?

We bear witness that Muharram 1431H has begun on Thursday, 17th Dec 2009 and that the announcement of Supreme Judiciary of Saudi should be corrected accordingly to avoid further mistakes.

This is the duty of all the Astronomers.



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