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Re: A Morally Bankrupt Dubai Was Built By Slaves
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 18 December 2009, 3:30 pm
In Response To: A Morally Bankrupt Dubai Was Built By Slaves (K.I. Bajwa)

11:84 And to Midyan, We sent their brother Shoaib. He said, "O My people! Serve God alone. There is no god for you but He. And do not give short measure and weight. I see that you are prosperous. But I fear for you a day that will surround you with chastisement." [Any system based on injustice cannot endure]
11:85 "Hence, O My people! Always give full measure and weight with equity and do not deprive people of what is rightfully theirs. Do not spread corruption and disorder in the land.”
11:86 “That which God gives you as just profit is better for you if you believe. But I am not a guardian over you."

Economic migrants are a fact of life and a necessity, for poor people need to fill their stomachs. Without the money sent from abroad by ex-patriots and migrant workers on work contracts, many people and countries would be in a far worse position.

But exploitation is a reality. The poor need dollars and the rich know it; so when they pay wages that are above what they can get at home, they also make sure it is way below the levels they would have to pay their own people!

Building houses and commercial properties at the lowest cost for maximum profit cannot be justified on any grounds when workers are used in the way described in the original article; this does not satisfy the “JUST” from the above just profit. It does not come close to dealing with people with equity or giving them their rights.

Prosperity is no guarantee of future success or a means of discerning whether you are doing things according to Divine Laws. Allah lets you prosper with any corrupt system for a time, until His retribution catches you all of a sudden; then you realise “all that glitters was not gold”!

PS tea is another area where workers have (and still are) exploited so that we can enjoy tea at reasonable prices. That is why there is a "Fair Trade" scheme in place, although I sometimes feel that this may not be addressing the problems of exploitation but just window dressing for our benefit, so that we feel better.

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