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Ratala: To arrange the Qur'an
By:Arnold Yasin Mol
Date: Thursday, 17 December 2009, 10:15 pm

By Arnold Yasin Mol

73:4 او زد عليه ورتل القرءان ترتيلا
aw/Or, zid/increase/add a little aylahi/on it. wa/And ratili/arrange/order/make distinct/convey/read in a calm fashion al-Qur'an/the Qur'an/the Recital/the Reading tarteelan/good ordering/well arranged/distinct/correct-right state of arrangement/set in order.

73:4 Or, you shall increase it . And calmy read, convey and arrange the Qur'an in a distinctive, well-arranged, good, orderly, and correct manner.

Tartilan/ترتيلا means here to to group together related subjects & put in a good & meaningful sequence/order.

ر ت ل Ratala is used for an army that groups together & starts marching. An army is grouped by rank, company & type of soldier (footsoldier, cavalery etc.). It is also used for a set of nice teeth, as they are ordered nicely and correct.

The Qur'an has all of its subjects spread out over its text as a woven carpet. To get a good vision on each subject, we are told in this verse to arrange them together so we can understand them. But you must always start with the main subject of the Qur'an, its basic teachings and its main goal. Then you can move on to other subjects without ignoring the Qur'an worldview and focus. For example, the Qur'an says that Silm, the acceptance of Peace and Non-conflict is the Din, the behaviour/obligation, is the only manner accepted by God. Thus this the main focus of the Qur'an when it comes to human laws, advice, conduct, rituals/appointed behaviours.

A few examples:

The Qur'an says in 12:108 that we are invited to God and His message based on baseeratin/ بصيرة , insight based on reason, evidences accesible to the intellect and verifiable by the intellect. Thus this must be kept in mind when approaching subjects that seem miraclous or supernatural, meaning beyond reason and natural laws. Just as 30:30 says la tabdeela likhalqi Allahi/ لا تبديل لخلق الله, God's creation will not be replaced or changed. Indicating that God Himself will not change the current natural system, as He has created it in the best fashion:

67:3 الذى خلق سبع سموت طباقا ما ترى فى خلق الرحمن من تفوت فارجع البصر هل ترى من فطور
He has created seven Cosmic Systems in great harmony. Look! No fault will you see in the creation of the Beneficent. Turn your vision upon it once more. Can you see any flaw?

21:104 يوم نطوى السماء كطى السجل للكتب كما بدانا اول خلق نعيده وعدا علينا انا كنا فعلي
On that Day We shall roll up the Sky as written scrolls are rolled up. Then, just as We initiated the first creation, We shall produce a new one (a new Universe). This is a promise binding upon Us. For, We are Able to do all things.

The above verse shows that even the new universe after the death of this universe, will have the same natural origins iniated by God.

Since there are no faults in the natural system, it doesn't need correcting or direct intervention. The universe and its system is the best version of how a natural system can be made. But this system is in constant development, the natural laws are making the universe and life in it more complex, as can be seen from 84:19:

لتركبن طبقا عن طبق84:19
You (Mankind) shall surely embark from stage to stage (Tabiq= Stage/Level/Stratum).

And what we can also see from the Attributes that are given to God in the Qur'an, Rabbi alA3lameen/ رب العلمين, Rabb means someone/thing that develops, nurtures and sustains until the object/person is mature/perfected (see the Arabic lexicon Al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran by Raghib al-Isfahani/ الراغب الاصفهانی ). AlA3lameen comes from i3lm, knowledge or knowable, and thus meaning everything that is knowable. Rabbi-alA3lameen thus means the developer, sustainer and nurturer of all existence unto maturity and perfection. Thus development is a constant progress.

Ar-Rahman/ الرحمن and Ar-Raheem/االرحيم are the first attributes given to God in the Qur'an. Both come from the root Ra-Ha-Mim from which the main word Arham, a womb, is formed. A womb stands for development, growth, tenderness, warmth, taking care of you whoever you are or whatever origins. A womb doesn't look at your father, religion, colour or status. Rahman is a word in the fa'lan measure, meaning it is the ultimate version and potential of that definition. Thus Ar-Rahman is the ultimate version of the provider of growth, development and acceptance. Raheem is in fa'eel, which refers to repetition and constant giving. Thus Ar-Raheem is the constant giver and provider of growth, development and acceptance. But a womb/body will also create a miscarriage of the child when it doesn't develop correctly or the circumstances are wrong. Thus there are limits to how much growth and development process is repeated, a child must have the potential of development. This idea is expressed in:

74:37 لمن شاء منكم ان يتقدم او يتاخر
For any among you who wishes to progress or regress.

We can choose ourselves if we want to develop further or not in this life and beyond it. Thus the acceptance and development God has already given us falls under Ar-Rahman, but the ones we can receive further falls under Ar-Raheem, the one we can choose for ourselves. With this in mind, we can understand the purpose of the Qur'an and how it views the universe. Now we can look at the other verses and see their meaning and potential of how they can teach us how to develop ourselves further and be part of the cosmic evolution.


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