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Are we stingy? - The Project
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 8 December 2009, 8:35 pm
In Response To: OURBEACON, YOUR OWN MISSION (Dr. Shabbir)


Dear friends,

The time is NOW.

We have seen the bustling responses to the Project, "Are YOU a good person?"

A Mu'min is known by his strife with wealth and person. An explicit request was made to order and share Ourbeacon products with others.

From the forum, we have received only three orders in more than a month!

So, we are not walking the talk.

The Quran's litmus test for distinguishing between those who talk and those who walk the talk is very simple and practical: Striving with our wealth and person/work (Jihad bil-Maal wa Nafs).

Allah knows that people could be financially challenged, hence, striving with person, that is leaving the comfort zone for a little while. Are we experiencing that?

The Quran cannot be wrong, we are!

102:1 The relentless greed of material gains distracts you (from the real purpose of life). [57:20, 83:26]

102:2 Until you go down to your graves.

102:3 Nay! But you will come to know!

102:4 Again, Nay! You will come to know.

102:5 Nay, only if you could have certain knowledge.

102:6 You would see it now, the Insurmountable Barrier (in the way of your personal development). [29:54, 79:36, 82:16]

102:7 Finally, you will see it with sure vision.

102:8 Then, on that Day you will be questioned what you did with the boon of life. [21:13]

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Are we stingy? - The Project
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